Important Announcement Re: Double Switch and L.V. Lewis ~ #ASMSG #RetiringPenname

There have been more and more inquiries about the next books in the Ghetto Girl series, and I’ve finally made a decision about them.I'm Sorry

I’m going to have just rip the Band Aid off and give this to you straight, no chaser: I will not be completing the Ghetto Girl Romance Quadrilogy. This means, Double Switch, the Jada and Nate story will not be completed, nor will its sequel. I have chosen to make Exit Strategy the completion of the story and the duology was published as a boxed set as the series swan song (see below).

IMG_0456I have also recused myself from the Den of Sin series franchise, and the boxed set I published with Melissa, Holley and Ambrielle will be my final Den of Sin story. A great many of you will be disappointed with this development, and for this I am deeply sorry. However, my life as a sister, an aunt, and  mother have taken on new meaning in the last several months, so my life an as author has had to take a back seat to these roles indefinitely.

Erotica/erotic romance was never my genre of choice, and for all intents and purposes I kind of fell into it when the Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever book took off the way it did. So, it’s probably safe to say that my final book as L.V. Lewis has been written. I have already begun the arduous process of rebuilding my brand under another name. I will still write literary fiction, contemporary romance, and women’s fiction just under different pen names and these will all be shared with you via my L.V. Lewis brand as recommendations.

The Block will continue to exist, just as a place to feature many authors’s works, including my own under my new pen names. This blog will also exist to feature other writers’s works and reviews from prolific readers. I hope that as I re-invent myself, I will find many of you again along the way who loved my writing as L.V. Lewis and will be willing to give me a shot as a new writer.

Please know that this decision is final, barring another author with a similar writing style offering to buy the brand. This is a very difficult thing for me and I hope you will understand and give me your full support as I transition.

Thank you all so very much for reading my words, for believing in me when I was an upstart, and for continuing to read, review and recommend what I’ve written. I will always love you all for your support. Peace and Blessings.



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