Am I Too Nice For My Own Good? #AuthorBusinessWoes #ASMSG #1stWorldWriterProblems

Since I’ve been an Indie Author I’ve dealt with a lot of people who are in this business as professionals who’ve acted decidedly less than. I’ve seen everything from editors you give a go at your manuscript because they are all you can afford, who make your work worse than it was before you sent it to them–to cover artists who hold your work hostage for so long it embarrasses you to ask when it’s going to be ready.

Perhaps it’s the places I frequent to hire such individuals on sites like Fiverr and Upwork, and some I’ve found on Facebook. I’m not sure, but I think I might just need to change course before I’m bankrupted by half-assers who’ve hung out a shingle and expect me to pay them my hard-earned money when they haven’t held up their end of the bargain.

I was working with one editor recently who could not meet a deadline to save his life. I gave him chance after chance only to finally have to put my food down and say, “Are you going to have this back to me this Monday, or next Monday? You decide, because if I can’t get my manuscript back on this new deadline, I will pay you for the part you’ve completed today, and we can end this business relationship now.”

And don’t get me started on covers. I’ve bought pre-made covers that the artists promised would be taken down and not sold to another person, but then shortly after completing my transaction I’ve seen a cover eerily similar to mine published by another author. I still don’t have my paperback cover from one artist, and the sale I was hoping to have it commissioned for has long come and gone.

I mean, if I’m being honest, most of the editors and cover artists I worked with prior to taking a brief hiatus from writing while my mother-in-law was sick have been stellar. But my return to serious pursuit of my writing career has found my book publishing budget sorely lacking in funds, so I’ve resorted to more “economical means” to get my books prepared for their entry into the world.

Despite the struggles I’ve endured while coming back to a more robust publishing schedule, I’m still determined to find “affordable and excellent” editors and cover artists who will handle my project as if it were their own. And I will give myself permission to confront those who exploit my kindness for weakness.

So here’s to getting more books published and making enough cheddar to afford better-vetted editors and cover artists. #ClinksGlassesWithAuthorsWhoShareMyFate