My Review of Hearts on Fire (Tested Love Series) by Nikki Walker

Some authors have a knack of writing characters that you really wouldn’t mind having as your friends. I’ve met two such authors recently, but this review is dedicated to Hearts on Fire a book in Nikki Walker’s Tested Love Series.

First off, I have to say that I love how she’s written this series in such a way that you don’t necessarily have to have read the other books in the series in order to enjoy one of the books.

However, I will warn you that you might fall so completely in love with the characters, you’ll want to go back to the other books so you can read your fill and get a the fix you will definitely need for these characters. Not to mention how she skillfully hides little nuggets in the story that will have you wondering what happened in the lives of the characters before and after this particular book.

Regarding Hearts on Fire, as it begins you think it’s Trey’s story, but it reads more like Sherri’s story once she gets going, then in the end you realize, it’s both their stories. Trey is an attorney and friend of Sherri’s Uncle Marcus. Burn out at work sends him to his cabin in Vermont for a little R&R. He has a history with Sherri that has been purely platonic up until this point, but he finds himself ready to take that leap of faith and explore something deeper with her.

Sherri’s refusal comes by rote, believing Trey’s motives to be less than honorable. However, events on her job that occur upon Trey’s departure have her scrambling to get to him. The irony is, he’s the first person she thinks of when she’s in crisis, and this speaks volumes.

Follow Sherri and Trey on this pulse-pounding, suspenseful love story that will have you either on the edge of your seat, worried for Sherri and Trey’s safety, or have you all hot and bothered by the sizzling chemistry they create on the page. What I really love about Nikki’s story is, while it is chaste in comparison to many I’ve read (and hell, even the ones I’ve written), it doesn’t leave you wanting the bump and grind. The suspense keeps you engaged, but it’s the romance itself that keeps you rooting for these two until the end.

The editor might have missed a few things in cleaning this up, but the story is one you’ll want to read regardless of those tiny faux pas.

Ms. Walker weaves powerful tales of inspirational romantic suspense that you can read with veritably no guilt.