A Satisfying Ending To A Great YA Series!


When I went to Amazon to buy this book in December, I had to pace myself with reading it, because I knew that once I finished, Samara and Caleb’s story would be over (unless Jaime Reed decides to visit them as adults?). So, I had to savor this final book, and savor I did!

At the end of book two, our girl was taken over by her roommate, Lilith, who went off with Tobias while Samara was kicking and screaming in her own body. Of course, when this happened, I naively believed book three would pick up where that one left off in this kind of linear storyline. Well, I was wrong.

As I began Fading Amber, it rang like one of those old soap opera’s or sitcom’s that ended on a BIG cliffhanger, then when the season premiere came, it was explained that the character had been “dreaming.” Ugh! I hated those types of cliffhangers because the device became very popular and shows were using it left and right.

I should’ve known Jaime Reed wasn’t about to employ that kind of device, because even though she is a self-described lover of 80’s pop culture, I just knew she wouldn’t go there! Well, she did, and she didn’t. Let me explain. Ms. Reed figured out a way to do it that wasn’t cheesy at all, but fell in line with the capabilities of the entities that inhabit both Samara and Caleb. And that’s all I’m going to say about that, because otherwise I might be kind of stealing your thunder. So, if you want to find out how this is ingeniously done, you’ve got to read Fading Amber for yourself!

It is true that book three is the place where Samara and Caleb grow up, so all the snark and barbs they threw at one another in books one and two had to go on hiatus. Some serious stuff was about to go down, so I understand why a lot of the funny business went away, and they fought a lot, but they made up a lot too (smexy times). And I have to be one of the second (or maybe third) reviewers to say, this didn’t bother me in the least, because I was ready for them to resolve all the lingering questions. Would the ruling family of Cambions descend into their sleepy little town and take the situation in hand? Will Samara and Caleb have to do the deed to finally derail Tobias’ plans? Will Samara’s father find out she’s a Cambion? Will Samara’s Mom finally find true love? Will Mia and Dougie reconcile? Will Mia ever forgive Sam? Dont worrry. There was still plenty of levity in the story, but Ms. Reed used it sparingly, and in all the right places.

I know, I’ve got this rambling review going on with not very much substance, but let’s just suffice it to say, you need to read book three, not only because it is awesome with its many plot twists and turns, but it brings our Cambion Trilogy to the wonderful close we expect from a good series.