Want To Read “Exit Strategy” Chapter One In Its Entirety?

Keisha At The Condo

Sometimes my mind goes on a tangent and I actually visualize my characters doing the mundane things that real people do on weekends. For instance, I can see Keisha sometimes with startling clarity, hanging out at Tristan’s condo on one of their role-play weekends. One of my readers submitted the photo above in my characters’ hangout page on Facebook:  “Keisha and Jada From The Block.” If you haven’t joined this page, you really should, because we’re going to have some fun in that little hangout (join here). Chapter One of “Exit Strategy” is posted there in its entirety for your reading pleasure 🙂

Tristan Watiting for Keisha

Right now I’m not doing much except posting excerpts there, but eventually I want to have discussions about the books there, role-play fantasies for readers, and every manner of fun we can conjure up to keep you engaged as I finish this series.

Just as I have envisioned Keisha hanging out at the condo, I’ve seen Tristan, too. Mind you, the visions I get of him are always more risque. I guess it has something to do with the fact that I created him, so I get to see him in any stage of dress or undress I’d like! LOL

So, go read Chapter One of  “Exit Strategy,” and tell me what you think. READ