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Jungle Fever Press is the Indie Imprint founded by L.V. Lewis to host her very own Ghetto Girl Romance Quadrilogy. It is her sincere hope that its name will be synonymous with her own good Contemporary Erotic Romance as welll as the home of other up and coming Indie authors.

MORE TO COME IN 2018 and Beyond!



41 thoughts on “Jungle Fever Press

  1. I just finished Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever and screamed when I realized it was over. I can’ t wait for the next book. You did a fantastic job! Thank you for such a great book! Keep em coming!

  2. Maaaaaaaaaan! You talking about a little ticked there is no second book out yet?! I am WAITING very patiently and hoping you get well soon because I looooooooooved the first book.

  3. This book was so good i finished it on my day off in 4 hours. I was so mad though when I came to the end I thought they didn’t download the rest!!! Lol Cant wait to read the next one.

      1. I am so sorry hear about your injuries hope you get well soon. Just finished. reading the chapters you sent I am was impressed looking forward to the release

  4. I check my Kindle every day for book two in your trilogy. Get well soon and please know that I and the rest of you fans are patiently waiting. Loved book #1 and have suggest same to a number of friends.

    1. Thanks, Bren! The understanding you and all my readers have shown me is humbling. As we approach April, it is my sincere desire to share the good news of a release date in the coming weeks!


  5. I am so looking forward to reading book two . Get well soon and please know as Bren said that I and the rest of your fans are patiently waiting (well trying to be patient) for book two. I guess it’s your way of telling a good story that keeps your fans waiting for more.

  6. I saw book 2 on Goodreads website. Do you know when it will be available on Amazon to order?

    1. I would suggest Elle: Insatiable by The Black, for a little kink without whips and chains. For just good fiction and romance Anything by The Black, Nia Forrester, Delaney Diamond, M. Malone, Sienna Mynx, Holley Trent or Melissa Blue.

  7. OMG just finished reading FSofJF…… I fell in love with Tristan/Keishsa characters!!!!THEN I wanted to pull my hair out when I couldn’t find book 2 PLZ say it will be out soon. I know my husband think I’m crazy reading all these IR books…but being in an IR relationship its seems natural to read about ppl like us…js

  8. I need book two! Lol I’m going crazy I am in love with the characters and the storyline. Please say it’ll be up soon πŸ™‚

    1. All I can say is this summer, because I’m not sure if all my separate services to get it to market will align just so. I promise I’ll post everywhere when I know for sure. ~ LV

      1. Is it weird that I’ve re-read this 3 times like I dnt know what will happen? Lol and I want a movie lol! This might be worse than my twilight phase

  9. I am anxious as well for Book 2. It is a great storyline and the characters are believable. Keep up the good work and take care of yourself and family first!

  10. I HAVE JUNGLE FEVER!!!! lol and i need book 2 like i need air to breathe! you are an amazing writer. I know you have a life outside of the author world, but I need some tristan and keisha in my lonely life.

  11. I continue to look through the responses that you have provided from January unitl now. it conitnues to tbe that it’s coming (Feb and March), it should be a few weeks (April), after we finish our busy season (May), sometime in this summer (July) and now they’re coming….I promise (August). I feel continually disappointed that months continue to come and go with nothing less than what I feel are broken promises. I am disheartened and sorry to say, as much as I loved book 1, I felt strung along waiting for book 2. I wish you well and pray that eventually it will be released (hopefully sometime in 2013). I am glad that you have provided other books to read because I fear that book 2 will never come to be.

    1. As I’m sure you are not the only reader who wants to know the answer to this question, I’m going to publish a blog post about it tonight when I get in from work. My deepest heartfelt apologies for making you feel this way. πŸ™

  12. I’m impatiently waiting for Book 2, my friends & I were even saying maybe its not in South Africa yet… The anticipation is too much!!!

  13. As anxious as we all are for the release of book 2 in the series, I think that we need to realize that our author has other issues and commitments that are require for her to function as a human being. Let’s be respectful of this…..hounding and hounding about the release of book 2 isn’t going to make it happen any faster….there is only so much of her world that she has control over and the added pressure, I’m sure doesn’t help…I’m waiting and I wish her well, mentally, physically and spiritually…know that
    your true fans will wait without complaining. Thank you for your work, “be blessed with no stress” πŸ™‚

  14. I totally agree with Faye your “True Fans” will wait without complaining as she said “be blessed with no stress” πŸ™‚

    1. We haven’t announced a release date yet. LaVie EnRose and I will set a date as soon as the writing is done and it’s off to the editor.
      I just began a new job, so we’re trying to figure out what my writing schedule is going to be before committing to dates.

  15. Hello,

    I’m looking for an Editor for my own adult novel and since reading 50 shades of Jungle Fever (and loving it! Very refreshing) I’m wondering if you could send me a link or contact info for the editor that you used!! I’m having a hard time finding an editor who will in turn lead me to the right publisher.

    Thank you so much,
    L. Harder

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