Book Releases – Blasts From The Past

The First Covers for the Jungle Fever Series. I was poor and used the CreateSpace Cover Creator. I couldn’t afford a paid cover maker at the time. The New Covers are on the purchase links. Just wanted to keep these here to remind me from whence I came.

book 1 final corrected

Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever

The Ghetto Girl Romance Quadrilogy – Book One

Publication Date: October 30, 2012

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Audio Book Cover


book 2 final correctedExit Strategy

The Ghetto Girl Romance Quadrilogy – Book Two

Publication Date:  2013 – As many of you know, I had an accident on the job in January, which set me back quite a bit on the writing of Book 2. I’m working diligently to get the book out as soon as humanly possible given my other life commitments, and slow recuperation.

Then the final date will also depend on availability of my editor and formatter once the 2nd draft is through the first round of edits; and through a round of pre-readers for feedback. Please know it is my soul desire to give you the very best story possible for Keisha and Tristan, and although I am upset with myself for missing the deadlines (and although I apologize profusely for having so many false starts, I’m not going to rush and put up something mediocre just to get it done). Please bear with me as I make Exit Strategy a story worthy of your time.)

Thanks so much for sticking with me through my accident, my writer’s block, my editorial issues, my work schedule, and now my writer’s block. I promise there will be a book 2. The audio book is also forthcoming!

Book Cover only

85 thoughts on “Book Releases – Blasts From The Past

  1. I’m actually bummed I can’t start on the next book right away. Please keep me posted on the release of the next book. I read interracial books three to four a week. Because I keep looking for confirmation and examples similar to my on interracial experiences. I can’t tell you how much I can identify with Keisha

  2. Melonease:

    If I could do it all over again, I would write all the books and then publish them one after another. I suppose I wasn’t prepared for how well-received it would be.

    Believe me, I am working hard on getting the next book completed. I work full-time and have a family, so my drill is one of always trying to keep ahead of the eight-ball.

    If I happen to finish it and get it edited and print ready before February, you can bet I will release it sooner!

    Thanks so much for reading. I’m happy that you could identify with Keisha.

    If you haven’t already, I would greatly appreciate it if you would leave a review on either Amazon, Goodreads or both. It will help to keep me motivated and entice other readers to give the book a try.

    Thanks, again!

    1. Girl you killed 50shades of grey. That book was weak and repetitive. I read a lot and it is so vanilla and I can really relate with the characters. Very talented, almost as good as I would have did….lol. can’t wait for the next one

    2. L.V. Your book was a breath of fresh air, coming from a girl on the other side of the tracks. your book tells it like it is. In a lot of ways I can relate to Keisha and really look forward to the next book. Hope you are still recovering in the right direction and staying ahead of that 8 ball

  3. Congrats on publishing your book and thanks for being a part of Erotic Enchants, one of the best GR groups.

  4. I absolutely think you should not only continue this series, but make the next one a little longer and give Fifty Shades of Grey a run for its money. This book was great. From one writer to another you did a fantastic job. With the right word of mouth you could be best seller status. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  5. Im taking my time reading this book as i dont want it to end!!!! please hurry with the next release im only half way through and cannot wait for the next one

    1. I feel you, Erdie. I’m working as fast as I can even as I took a fall this week which has me in a lot of pain, but I’m still trying to type daily. 🙂

  6. How lucky was i to find this amazing book on amazon. Mrs Lewis please keep on doing what you’re doing with these characters. We got romance, comedy,(let your conscious be your guide;)happiness, sadness and of course hot streaming sex. You got a 5star rating from me on amazon. Can’t wait for book 2!!!!!!

  7. Hi!!!!

    Absolutely loved what I read… apparently I am not well informed b/c when I read the words Jungle Fever and then hit my next page button my kindle and saw your author bio…. I screamed!!! I am patiently waiting for the next installment and meanwhile recommending this book to all my friends. Love it Love it…. so proud of you and happy for your success!!!

    1. Courtney:

      So happy you enjoyed, and thanks for recommending to your friends. Hope you will write a review on amazon and/or goodreads when you get a chance.
      Thanks for your well-wishes. Sorry you woke the baby 🙂


  8. I love it. I am waiting on book 2. I know you are healing so I am going to wait patiently. I need to read this book I just re-read book one last week. i am ready as soon as it is ready. I hope you will be writing more IR books we need them.

    1. Hi Candice:

      I’m not sure what date it will be, but hopefully will be early in March. 🙁

      Physical Therapy is helping, but it hurts, too. Some evenings when I get home, my hand hurts too bad to type.


  9. Hi LV, it’s good to hear you’re doing better. I loved part one so much I bought 3 copies and gave one to each of my 2 best friends and my mother (all of whom read the other fifty shades) we were all in agreement while we enjoyed the other we LOVED yours.

    I have been checking your blog and Amazon every day for part 2, and while I wish there was a way I could lend you my hands to help you complete the book as a loyal reading of yours now I wish you a well recovery as I and many others are wanting to see many many more books from you.

    1. Thanks, Ursala!

      Everytime I get messages like yours I count my blessings. You and all my readers are so loyal and understanding it makes me love what I do so much, I wish I had taken this leap years ago. Book two is going well. My hope is to get it through editing and into the hands of my pre- readers within the next week, then on to formatting. I’m still shooting for an early march date if all the stars align!


  10. Hi LV,

    I have just finished reading your first book and can’t wait until you release the second book this month if all go well for you. I have to admit that your book was very funny and entertaining. Thank you for lifting my spirits and I hope that this lift yours.

    1. Mechelle:

      Hearing from readers always lifts my spirits. Thanks for taking the time to write and let me know how you feel about the book.

      As you probably know, I’m behind on book 2 due to unforseen circumstances. Please take some time to go to my FB Character page and read chapters one and two of “Exit Strategy.”

      If you don’t have FB, let me know and I’ll email the chapters to you.

      Thanks again for writing me,


  11. I read the first chapter of Exit Strategy and LV girl if you don’t hurry up with the rest, lol. It was so awesome. I was trying to make it last by reading as slow as possible. You are so talented and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I also appreciate how you take time out to respond to your fans. Thanks again!

  12. The publication date says today…I can’t find Exit Strategy on Amazon. What’s up LV?

    1. Lesha: Please read the updated note above the Exit Strategy bookcover. I would be very grateful for your understanding and support during the final stages of getting the book ready for publication. Thanks, LV

  13. So, due to grad school, I barely have time to read for pleasure. I bought the book when it first came out and now that I am finally on spring break. i had a chance to read it…man am I so excited for book 2, 3, and 4. Why lie I wish the whole series was out..and even if they come out with school going on I will read them as soon as I get them. I just want to say thank you for writing something so funny and charming, and amazingly awesome. I tried to become apart of the group on Facebook, but can’t seem to get in. Hope you are doing well, and thanks for sharing your creativity.

    1. Please go ahead and friend me on Facebook, then I’ll just bring you into the group! 🙂

      So excited you finally got a chance to read and liked.


  14. Can I please get an update on the progress of the second book? I have been stalking your website everyday to see if there’s any update on it. I would really appreciate it.

    1. I keep thinking I’ve replied to all my comments, but yours is still showing, so if this is a duplicate, please forgive me. My brain is addled from long work weeks, less than optimal physical health, and trying to write every waking hour outside work and family obligations. I’m going to post EVERYWHERE when I get a good book release date. Right now, I don’t have an update that I can guarantee, so I’m going to wait until I’m sure this time. Thanks for liking the book so much to ask. It’s when you guys become silent that I will worry. 🙂 <3

  15. I love your book. So much so that I have reread it a few time in the past four months. And I can’t wait for the next one.

    1. April, I’m so glad you like it! Trying to finish up the next book as I write this. I’ll blow up the internet with announcements once I nail down a date. Take care! <3

  16. i disliked 50 shades of grey so much that i was so reluctant to read this. Im so happy i did it was worth it my only problem is that i feel like a stalker waiting for the second book. I love the characters the dialogue between them. The scenes….. hell I just love this book. I cant wait. 🙂 Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much! Book 2 is in the works to release before summer. Sorry for the delay, but life and unexpected circumstances happened. ~ LV

  17. I am glad to hear about your recovery
    I have been checking your web site like a junkie on crack for the release date thanks for the information cant wait for the summer again glad to hear of your improved health

  18. There is so much that i would like to say but most of all is Get Better Soon, health first, family second and book third. Although, i’m about to have a junkie fit waiting for the release…I guess i have to wait like the rest of your anxious fans. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Charlotte. You and the vast majority of readers I’ve heard form have been so understanding. I really appreciate it. My shoulder still gives me intermittent trouble, but I’m pushing on. I was very naive coming into self-publishing and my goals quickly became untenable once all the unforseen circumstances began to happen. Most traditional publishers take a year or more to get a new release out. I will not make such an amateurish mistake again. I will finish the book (3 & 4) before I release a publication date in the future. 🙂

  19. I stumbled upon an excerpt of your book on bought it and read it in half a day or so. Looooooved it. I never buy anything impulsively online but this was totally worth it!!!!!!!!

    1. Jessyka!
      Comments like yours routinely make my day. So glad you enjoyed. I’ve had a few setbacks, but book 2 is coming. Early summer! I’ll post everywhere so you can’t miss it. Just follow on my social media and it’ll be like spam 🙂 ~ LV

  20. Please get well. I know we all want to read the rest of this story, but your health is WAY more important.

    1. No date yet. June 30 is end of my fiscal year at work. I’ll know better once I’m not under the pressure of work deadlines. 🙂

  21. I am so anxiously waiting for BOOK 2…..please release it soon,,,,very soon….lol

    1. <3 I will as soon as I can! (my fiscal year at work is looming and I will hopefully have more time to work on the finalization of it).


  22. #1. A quick recovery
    #2. Waiting, with bated breath, for book II of the Quadrilogy. 🙂

    1. Please call Amazon Customer Service. There has to be some glitch in their system. Other readers have called and they have responded by making the book available to them. Sorry, it’s been such a hassle.

      Good luck!


  23. Just happened to be browsing on nook and came across this book. It was sooooooooo good. I have not read 50 shades of grey but have heard about it but this book had me shaking my head to laughing to crying when she made her decision. This is a well written book with good grammer and not a lot of mistakes……..good editing. GREAT BOOK CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE

      1. Thanks for taking the time out to keep us updated…I am a nurse so I know (have an idea) what you went through or are going through. I do wish you a speedy recovery. And it is good that you are taking you’re time writing book 2 DONT let us rush you b/c we are anxious. I don’t want it to be rushed I want to enjoy it the way i enjoyed the first book and hopefully in the 2nd book we will see it a little more from Tristan point of view. Thank You

  24. Hi L. V., This is the first time I’ve ever written something like this about anything! I stumbled on “50 Shades of Jungle Fever” totally by accident. I’d read “Fifty Shades of Grey” and really liked it, so I started reading your book on my Kindle and was very quickly drawn in by your characters, so much so, I couldn’t put it down! When I got to the end of the book I frantically began searching for “Exit Stategy” and having no luck, went in search of the reason why. I found the reasons here! Wow!! I wish you good luck with all the things going on in your life and I can see that I’m in good company as I anxiously await your upcoming second book of the series!!! For purely selfish reasons, I hope all the issues you’ve been having resolve themselves VERY quickly!! Thank you for creating such a captivating read!! Lani

    1. Lani:

      Thanks for reaching out to me. Messages like yours convince me without a doubt that this story has resonated with a base of readers who love what I have done. How can I not complete the series? Exit Strategy is due to release this summer. I still don’t have a date yet, but when I do, it will be posted EVERYWHERE. If you haven’t already, would you do me the honor or writing a review (even what you’ve just said in this message) for Amazon and/or Goodreads. I would be very appreciative. And thanks again. Looking forward to hearing from you again when Exit Strategy debuts. 🙂

      1. I Just LOVE LOVE this booik!! I have read it twice. I hope for us waiting soooo! long, that you will have book three done.

  25. Can’t wait for book 2. Just finished the first book and on pins and needles wait for the conclusion.

  26. I pray all is well and getting better for you everyday. I recently completed the first book and really enjoyed reading it. I’m highly anticipating Exit Strategy.

  27. I enjoyed reading your book just as much as 50shade, it was amusing . Sexy, and very entertaining, can’t wait for book .2 Great work , I intend to read more of your books.

  28. Just purchased the book on my Kindle last night and finished it at about 3a.m. this morning. I liked the book so much I’m google searching and stalking where I can find the next one!

  29. I understand penny’s frustration I have also been waiting for 7 months but I also realize the best laid plans don’t always work out I have been reading books for over 40 years from historical romance to biographies. You have a gift your words are very compelling you make the reader feel drawn to the story you trying to tell. The window for being a summer read in closing hopefully the stars will Aline for Sept or Oct also hope you are fully recovered from your injury

    1. The outpouring of love and understanding has been overwhelming. In a good way. I hope this freedom from my anxiety and guilt will open up the floodgates of creativity. <3 LV

  30. I absolutely loved this book. It was so funny and kept me up all night. It is so refreshing to read an IR that has great characters, has proper grammar, and good editing. I am anxiously awaiting the next book in the series.

    1. Thanks, Cheryl. Comments like yours warm my heart. If you have a chance, please review at Audible and or Amazon and iTunes. The audiobook version is in need of review support. Working diligently on the followup. Hope to get it out sooner, rather than later after all the trials I’ve faced. ~ LV

  31. This book and audio is “AMAZING!!!!!” I cant wait for Book #2 to come out!!!! Almost for got Books #3and#4 too and how ever many more you want to put out about Keisha, Tristan, Jada and Nathan I’ll get them ALL!!!!! This is an “WONDERFUL READ!!!” The voice on audio, “SUPERB!!” Excellent book and excellent choice for reader!!!!! Hopefully everything gets squared soon so you can get them released!!! I tried to go on FB and get the character page and chapters one and two for “Exit Strategy,” but cant find it???? Will you please email it to me at your convince??? Thanks

  32. I just discovered 50 Shades. I love it! The parody is on the money.
    I am rereading your first book again more slowly because I rushed the first time.
    I will slowly read your second book. Looking forward to the rest of the quadrilogy.
    I read that you had an accident at the beginning of the year? Are you feeling better?

    Thanks a bunch and have a great weekend!

    1. Terri: Comments like yours make my week! So glad you are savoring the books, since unfortunately, I am a slow writer (sort of like the low talker on Seinfeld). LOL Yes, I took a spill in the parking lot at work in January. Asphalt took off copious skin, injured my dominant hand and my left shoulder and knee. I completed therapy, but my range of motion still suffers a tiny bit, and there is residual pain. But I’m glad to be alive. Thanks for inquring. 🙂 You have a great weekend, as well!

  33. So I am on the last 10% of Exit Strategy and I have been stalling for like a week to finsih it……I guess I will have to reread them both to keep me busy until book 3 is out. Hope all is well and patiently waiting for book 3 …and 4 too!

  34. I too, stumbled on your books by accident. Love love them. I have my girlfriend’s reading them as well. Can not wait until book 3…

  35. I’m a very big fan of both your books! I’m waiting, not so patiently, for the next one. Being in a interracial relationship myself, I really enjoy reading about them. I also grew up in Chicago so I feel a connection. Get well soon and get to work! Lol

  36. Re-reading Book 1 & 2. I hope all is well. I have recommended the series repeatedly! I cannot wait for Books 3 & 4, do you have any time frame for the releases?

    1. Also would like to know when book 3 is going on sale because I’m sooooo tired of waiting!!! PLEASE I’M BEGGING HERE;-)

    1. We haven’t announced a release date yet. LaVie EnRose and I will set a date as soon as the writing is done and it’s off to the editor.
      I just began a new job, so we’re trying to figure out what my writing schedule is going to be before committing to dates.

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