LV’s Monday Meanderings… December 30, 2019!

Happy New Year’s Eve, Eve Monday Meanderers! For this week’s Monday Meanderings, I want to wish you all the very best New Year imaginable.

I have been bingeing some marathon movies the week just after the Christmas holidays. I’ve watched all the Eureka series, the Chuck series, and now I’m watching paranormal and Sci/Fi stuff, first The Witcher starring Henry Cavill, and then The Mandalorian, which happens in the Star Wars world. As I write this I’m watching King Authur: Legend of The Sword, featuring Charlie Hunnam.

Throughout New Year’s, I’ll be watching other oldies, but goodies and some new series’.

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Hot Featured Read!

The Alpha’s Second Chance
by Jillian Riley

Physics professor Rosalinda Carlisle has a secret.

Seven years ago, a single night of passion with her brother’s best friend resulted in a son.
She never intended for anyone to find out.
Not even the boy’s father, who was soon after married to another woman.
Except that a very single Nick MacRoberts is now back in town.
Except that he’s now a professor at the same university where Rosalinda teaches.
And of course, she still has a devastatingly huge crush on him.

As secrets are revealed and old flames are rekindled, can Rosalinda dodge the doubts of her past and revive their history together? Only time will tell.

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The Billionaire Returns Home by Tara Brent


I always dreamed he would come back to me…

The Boy I loved & adored as a child is back in town.
Our lives are more complicated now.
He is grieving the loss of his beloved wife.
And an over-protective father.
I have a child of my own-with a hidden secret.
He can afford to buy the world.
I can barely pay my rent.
Our lives couldn’t be more different.

Will fate work her magic and bring us back together again?

I always dreamed I would see my first love again.
I have always loved her in the depth of my beating heart.
Is that why I hire her to tutor my precious girl?
But then why do I keep pushing her away?
Her life is wrought with angst and I don’t want that for my own child.
I’ve become a very successful man.
She has people in her life that, quite frankly, are underdogs.

Is she really the right woman for me?

**A Full Length stand-alone novel. No cheating with a heartwarming Happy Ever After.

Sometimes love deserves a second chance…

Her Accidental Hero by Holly Jaymes

OMG…I’m pregnant with my brother’s best friend’s baby!

At twenty-one I gave my v-card to my brother’s best friend, hot billionaire Mitch Sloane.
And then he broke my heart.
Nine years later, he “saves” me from being stranded in the mountains.
He’s off limits but the attraction is too strong to deny.
I let him touch me with those strong hands and play with me like he owns me.
It was supposed to be just one month.
No strings.
No love.
No one would ever know our secret.
But you know what they say about best laid plans…
Six weeks later my heart is broken,
My brother is pissed,
And I’m staring at a positive pregnancy test.

Can we let go of old betrayals and take a second chance on love ever after?

Her Accidental Hero is the complete 4-book full-length novel boxset including the following titles: “Hating My Hero, Her Hero Boss, Her Mountain Hero, Accidentally My Hero”

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