LV’s Monday Meanderings… December 16, 2019!

Happy Monday Meanderers! For this week’s Monday Meanderings, I want to wish you all a heartfelt, Happy Holidays.

I am working on some medical issues to try and be as close to 100% as possible during the holidays.

Here’s wishing you all the very Merriest of Christmases as we enter the true reason for the Holiday Season.

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Hot Featured Read!

The Alpha’s Second Chance
by Jillian Riley

Physics professor Rosalinda Carlisle has a secret.

Seven years ago, a single night of passion with her brother’s best friend resulted in a son.
She never intended for anyone to find out.
Not even the boy’s father, who was soon after married to another woman.
Except that a very single Nick MacRoberts is now back in town.
Except that he’s now a professor at the same university where Rosalinda teaches.
And of course, she still has a devastatingly huge crush on him.

As secrets are revealed and old flames are rekindled, can Rosalinda dodge the doubts of her past and revive their history together? Only time will tell.

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Christmas And The Prince by Lexi Ostrow

Lucille needed a Christmas getaway more than she would ever let on. Hard work to open her own pastry shop in the elusive French Quarter drove a wedge between her and her fiancé. A female shaped wedge that ended with Lucille kicking him out December first with a Christmas vacation to Europe booked and no way to refund the tickets. 

Henri wanted nothing to rule his Father’s kingdom on his terms, when he deemed himself ready. Life as a prince suited him well. However, the only way to stay powerless was to prove his thoughts were entangled elsewhere by courting a woman, least he jeopardize his country by listening to his heart more than his head. So when he spies a beautiful woman kiss a frog by the palace lake he did the only thing he could, invited her to be a princess in exchange for her dream.

Swept up by the offer,  Lucille didn’t hesitate. It was all fun and games for the holidays, wasn’t it? Time off work wasn’t in the cards, but quitting to live the good life and get her dream proved too good to ignore. In his world, they learn from each other, growing closer until Lucille’s ex shows up, ready to apologize and bring her home – offering her everything she wanted before she met Henri. One hardworking woman, one down on his luck prince, and one lucky frog meet the magic of the Christmas season and blend two worlds into one. 

Lover’s Retreat by Kim Knight

Lover’s Retreat is book #2 of the Romance Set in Paradise Series of stand alone steamy, suspenseful and romantic novella length stories. All set in exotic locations around the world.

For thirty seven year old recluse Yasmin O’Neil, life feels like one crisis after another. Her husband left her five years ago, she starts to suspect she’s losing her hearing, and then her mother is diagnosed with cancer. When her mother passes away her fortune changes. Yasmin is fifty thousand pounds richer from her mother’s estate. Taking her fate into her own hands after years of being a recluse, she rediscovers herself at a spiritual retreat in Sri Lanka south Asia, before she plans to spend the next six months travelling around the world. In Sri Lanka, Yasmin’s path crosses with Michael Thomas, an army soldier on his own path of self discovery. With their luke warm initial encounter the pair don’t hit it off straight away. After some push and pull the two move from enemies to lovers they are finally on the same page. Their encounter turns from luke warm to steamy sizzling hot.

In Lover’s Retreat two very different characters originally on different paths, embrace the need for change and companionship in order to live life to its fullest again. Set in the back drop of paradise, palm trees and untouched nature of Sri Lanka, and the Caribbean these two lonely souls gain more than just self discovery they gain a soul mate.

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Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but reflection. — Winston Churchill


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