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Monday, April 22, 2019

(NOTE: Since I am such a GOT nerd, I’m writing each week about the final episodes of the series. Enjoy!)

Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 2 Recap

This recent episode set up some very interesting dynamics. As I predicted, Jaime Lannister was allowed to fight with the North. Bran didn’t out him, so he’s good for now. This doesn’t mean he’s safe from death, though. Not only will he be fighting the Night King’s Army of the dead with his weak arm, but Cersei has a price on his head. Brienne vouches for Jaime,and Sansa vouches for Brienne,

Arya seeks Gendry out in the forge where she shows him she’s not the little girl he traveled with after their escape from Harrenhaal. Jaime finally makes an apology to Bran for pushing him out of the tower window all those years ago, but Bran being so other right now only cares that Jaime is another fighter to aid in the battle at Winterfell.

Sansa made it known to Danerys that if she’s going to rule in Westeros, the North does not want to be under her rule. Ser Davos feeds the troops while GIlly gathers the elderly, infirmed, women and children to wait out the battle in the Crypt. As Greyworm and Missandei make plans to go back to her home of Naath when the war is over, because they don’t feel particularly welcome in the North (do you blame them?).

As a plan is devised to defeat the Night King using Bran (who has his mark) a bait, Danerys wonders why Jon has been avoiding her after their dragon ride. Meanwhile, Jaime and Brienne’s fireside reunion is crashed by Tormund who gets into a bit of pissing contest with Jaime, and shares how he got his name Giantsbane. But Jaime wins the contests hands-down when he Knights Brienne. Of course he’d already sworn to fight with her in the batttle, because he has a connection with her and probably feels more comfortable fighting for a friend who’d have his back and not a foe (because all of the North as his foes, right?).

Arya chats with the hound and Beric Dondarion for a while, but finds them a rather morbid pair, so she goes off to find Gendry, who was her childhood crush. He tells her of his parentage, but she has other things in mind. She allows him to divest her of her pesky virginity before the battle with the NIght King ensues.

Ser Jorah is given the gift of a Valyrian sword by Samwell Tarly, so Ser Jorah might be okay coming out of this battle, unless he dies saving his cousin Lyanna Mormont who is adamant about fighting alongside the men. Sam will have dragonglass to fight with, just as he did once before when he was confronted by white walkers, but as Sam and Gilly are both so beloved, one of them will likely not come out of this battle alive (most likely Sam since he’ll be out on the front lines, and Gilly will be int he Crypt).

Jon/ being the most like Ned Stark is so honorable he just had to tell Danerys what he knew, and it was probably unavoidable, because she realized he’d been avoiding her. I think Jon was premature in telling Danerys the truth, though. He should have waited until after the battle at Winterfell, maybe even after taking care of Cersei, but I think this news will definitely cause a rift between them.

There are only four episodes left, so things are going to move pretty fast for our heroes and heroines in Westeros from now on. While I originally thought they might not defeat the Night King in their first go, I believe they just might do so now with many casualties and losses of characters we won’t want to see go. I won’t hazard to guess who dies and in what order, but newly Knighted Ser Brianne of Tarth seems likely, as well as Theon Greyjoy, Tormund Giantsbane (who will probably have to take down the undead Giant), Varys (and him only because Melisandre predicted his death previously).

Well, my Rock Star Legend Series isn’t as brutal as Game of Thrones, but it does feature three books, Savage, Redemption, and Revival. For those who read the series previously, books 1 and 2 share Brody and Skylar’s story, and the upcoming book 3 shares Alyssa and Dylan’s story. I’ve been having so much fun writing the story for this new couple in The Rock Star Legend Series and I hope you will enjoy reading about all of them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.

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Hot Featured Read!

Fake It
by Alexis Winter

What would YOU do for fifty thousand dollars?

Turns out when you’re staring down the barrel of bankruptcy and possible eviction…you’ll do pretty much anything for some quick cash.

Even if that means pretending to be the fiancée to Mr. Sex-on-a-stick himself, Cameron Styles. 

Chicago’s most successful, ruthless lawyer and douchebag extraordinaire.

I gave myself two rules.
#1. Don’t fall into his bed.
#2. Don’t fall in love.

There’s one small problem…I’m REALLY bad at following my own rules. 

Just when I think there’s a glimmer of hope he feels the same way,
I’m reminded of my place in his life…

Does true love stand a chance when I was hired to fake it?

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Protecting My Enemy by Holly Jaymes

I don’t need protection. 

I know how to look after myself just fine!

But ever since this creepy guy started stalking me all over my social media, my sister seems to think I need professional help to keep me safe. 

And maybe that would be fine, if it wasn’t Asher Spears. 
I could cope with anybody but him.
But he’s dripping sexuality everywhere. 
Those muscles, those tattoos, the leather jacket, the way he towers over me. 
He watches my every move with his green eyes. 

I should hate him. 
In fact I do, I do hate him. 
I know he judges me.
He thinks I’m nothing but a foolish naive LA celeb. 

But today I woke up and found him in my bed.
It’s not a joke but he’s laughing.
And we’re wearing matching wedding rings on our fingers.
How did this happen?
What will we do?

Asher Spears has to go. But if he leaves, will I ever see him again?

Protecting My Enemy is a 30 000 word standalone novella.

Billionaire Bachelor: David by Melissa Stevens

He’s looking for peace, she’s looking for safety, together can they find happiness? 

David just wants peace. He’s tired of random dating, he’s tired of women who are just after his money. But after his sister signed him up for a most eligible bachelor contest, and he ended up ‘winning’ or losing as he thought of it, things only got worse. But David’s figured out how to get it all to end. 

Skylar just wants to stay in the US. She came on a vacation, but fell in love with the country as a whole. When she answered an ad to become a mail order bride, it seemed perfect. But she didn’t count on her match. Was David all he appeared or was he hiding something? 

Get Billionaire Bachelor: David today and see if these two can work things out after fate throws them together.

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