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Writing, Writing, Writing

Monday, February 18, 2019

For the past six weeks I’ve been dealing with skin irritation. If you have eczema or one of those common skin conditions, then you know exactly what I’ve been up against. My primary care physician wasn’t able to help me this time, so I’ve been referred to a dermatologist who told me this morning that I would need to have another outbreak for them to “culture” the problem to determine what it is so they can help me. This is unfortunate because now I have to go through this dreaded irritation for the 5th time in order for them to give me some permanent relief.

This seems very counterintuitive, because it means I’m going to have to let myself be sick again in order for them to try to heal me. I wish medicine was more an exact science in this case than a “let’s troubleshoot this and see what we’ve got in our arsenal to cure what ails you.”

Despite my misery, I’m still going to write a good portion of this we. What are you doing this third week of February?

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Hot Featured Read!

TOff Limits by Allie Hayden

The road to love can be a dangerous journey when you’ve got two eligible bachelors fighting for your attention.

Sebastian, my mid-summer childhood muse, now a renowned lawyer, stared me down with his piercing blue eyes.
He wanted me again, I could tell. By the smirk on his face and the way he undressed me with his eyes.
“Is it hot in here? Or is it just me?” I fanned myself, trying to get the flush on my face to ease. 
“Should be illegal to be that hot,” Sebastian purred, sending my skin into a goose bumped frenzy.

And then there was Ash, you know him– the lead singer of Dreams of Compass Gods.
Drop dead gorgeous and talent like no other. 
And the cherry? Well, that was me. 
“It’s most definitely you, princess.” Ash winked.
You’d think he’d want nothing to do with a normal girl like me. 

Three’s a crowd? I was crowded-in a hot and bothered way.
What am I supposed to do when these two beautiful men want me. 
Whoever said the most evil boys were the prettiest, were so god dammed right. 

Sometimes, you just can’t say no.

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Other Steamy Recommendations!

Loving The Billionaire Boss by Kristen Kara

She’s never forgotten her first love.
A scholarship to an elite college was supposed to be Olivia Davidson’s ticket to success—one she never had a chance to cash. But she’s found her own path, first through the military, now as an entrepreneur. She can attend her class’s fifteen-year anniversary with her head high. Because there’s one person with whom she has unfinished business…

When I kissed a gorgeous stranger in a red-mask
I had no idea he will be my future boss…

He is the God of one night stands!
The Sexy Irresistible Billionaire.

That’s how I can describe Josh Kirk.
He will stop your heart with a glance.
That gorgeous little douchebag!


That’s not entire him.
He has a more elusive side.
Which the world doesn’t know.
Only I do.

Yes, I am insane.
Why is he my boss?

Why would I even care that much for this AH?
Maybe because I am lonely – with an obvious hole in my heart.
Never did I want my boss to bang me.
Or maybe, I do!

100% HEA

Book 2: Tantric Harem

A very interesting reverse harm book you will love!!

Nala went to medical school to become a doctor.
But, life had different plans for her.
She ends up in a Himalayan Cave with these Alpha Men!

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by Romi Hart

I want him. More than anything. But he’s one bad boy.

Big. Wild. Untamable.
3 rugged over-protective alphas in this box set bring all the steam, sizzle and heart needed.
This steamy box set will have you begging for more.

Book 1 – Temptation
Large. Huge. Magnum.
I get called these names all the time.
I’ve dominated the field for years.
But the moment I saw Reesa, I knew I wanted her.
Her curves, her eyes, and that sweet voice.
She is tempting me to the next level and I might lose control.
But she has a secret and I have to know what it is.
She is mine no matter what.
I’ll protect her at all costs.

Book 2 – Addiction
They call me beast for a reason.
I win, I score, I lead on and off the field.
But when I saw Kylie, I knew she was mine.
Those sweet juicy lips and her perfect curves.
There’s something about her that makes me go wild.
I have a secret to keep but there’s no way I can resist her.
I’ll tease her, tempt her and get her addicted to me.

Book 3 – Passion
I’m a monster, a predator on and off the pitch.
Nobody can tame me.

But when I laid eyes on Krys, I knew I wanted her.
More than just a hookup.
One dance with her and I was hooked.
Her hips, soft curves, full lips sparked a fire in me.
And now, nothing can stop me from claiming her.
My passion for her is a flame that only she can put out.

Warning: This steamy collection may set your kindle on fire. The hot sizzling chemistry will have you devouring the pages.

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Speaking of writing, if you want to read any of my books while you’re waiting on my new stuff to publish, you can find all my books here. LV Lewis books!




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