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Happy Monday Meanderers! Here’s this week’s installment of the regular newsletter I created to keep me engaged with you. This will provide a way for you to know what’s going on with me even though I’m not camping out on Social Media anymore. As usual, I have some great books to share with you, including a Henley Maverick boo, and still FREE copy of my classic, Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever! This FREE Promotion will run until my Ranking on the Multicultural and Interracial Romance charts goes above 100, or when Amazon tells me it can’t be FREE anymore!

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Marketing has always been difficult for me. In the beginning I was naive enough to believe that when I posted my book on Amazon, it would miraculously sell on it’s own. That has not been the case. I have had to stop just short of selling my first born to get eyes onto my books, just as most indie writers have done. Amazon owns the algorithm that decides whose books will see the light of day, so in order for indies like myself, who don’t have massive marketing budgets, to get eyes to see their books, we have to buy advertising in numerous ways. This includes buying Facebook Ads, AMS Ads, Bookbub Ads, trying to get on the various books lists, like Bookbub, Free Booksy/Bargain Booksy, Robin Reads, etc.

Marketing for ebooks is very competitive. It is also very subjective because it doesn’t work the same for every author. Many times we are taking a big gamble when we spend our marketing dollars (well at least less prolific writers such as myself are. More popular authors can afford to spend the big dollars on testing ads to get them just right. Less popular authors operate on wings and prayers). We are well aware of the old adage that it takes money to make money, but when you don’t have any to begin with, it is almost impossible.

Recently, I have re-discovered newsletter swaps. This is a cost-free and often fairly lucrative way to market ebooks without a cash outlay. I am beginning this week to swap with some other authors, so you’ll be seeing books from various authors and genres appearing in my Newsletter because other small authors and myself are sharing each others’s books. And let me just say, todays offerings are as HOT as Hell!! Check them out!

I am also still working on getting something out for you guys to read early this year. However, as you all know, I am still working a 60-hour a week day job, and a 20-hour weekend gig, so bear with me. 🙂

In the meantime, you may check out my backlist, as per usual at:  LV LEWIS BACKLIST. <3

Hot Featured Read!

Seduction by Henley Maverick

Any publicity is good publicity, right? Unfortunately, for Alivia O’Reilly, this just isn’t true. Having developed a scheme to create a media ruckus outside of her flower shop, Blooms, to drive up business, Liv was never prepared for the maelstrom her little publicity stunt would create.

Conor, her cousin, funded her little start up business and the extra attention is exactly what he didn’t order. A loan shark tied to organized crime, he prefers to stick to the shadows – as most rats do – and now there’s a spotlight on Liv, putting a wrench in his nefarious plans.

Also watching from the shadows? Rhys Gallagher, billionaire mogul and reformed crime lord. He’s been watching Liv for years, patiently waiting to make his move on the buxom brunette. Now, nothing is going to keep him from her. Not her business, not her independence, not her pride, and certainty not Conor. Because when Gallagher plays, he plays for keeps. And the prize… is Liv’s heart.

“When the time comes, Liv, you’ll make me an offer I can’t refuse.”

Other Steamy Recommendations!


Three years ago, I broke the heart of the woman I loved.
I was too stupid to realize what I had.
Now, years later, I have it all.
Money. Power. Prestige.
It all meant nothing.
Until I met her again.
She was beautiful and tragic, and I wanted her again.
And she hated me.
But I would change that.
This time I would do right by Georgia.
There would be no more secrets.
This time, I wouldn’t give up.
Now that she is back in my life, I’m not going to let her go a second time.

I swore I would never trust Andrew Bryant.
I had loved him, and he threw me away like garbage.
His secrets had torn us apart.
Three years later, I haven’t found any peace.
Now, suddenly, he’s back in my life.
He’s handsome. Sexy.
His smile sends shivers down my spine.
And I don’t want him back.
With my troublesome ex on my back, I have enough to deal with.
But he just won’t leave me alone.
There is nothing in this world that could make me give him another chance.
But why can’t I walk away?
Why does part of me want him to stay?


In a town full of secrets, everyone knows my story
My husband left me for another woman
And I vowed never again.
I threw myself into building my life back up from the rubble it had become.
I made a name for myself with the diner my grandfather left me.
I was strong. I was independent. I needed no one.
Then he came to town.
Exotic and calm, I was drawn to him from the beginning.
He pulled me in and made me feel things I didn’t think were possible.
But can I trust him? Does he feel what I feel?
How can I let him break down the walls I spent so much time building?

After my wife died, I was lost and alone.
I liked it that way.
Relationships only led to pain and I couldn’t live through that again.
But then I met her.
Flaming hair and blue eyes trapped me in her net.
But guilt and grief are hard to let go.
How can I let her in, when I don’t deserve the happiness she offers?
Can the love of Thanksgiving and the magic of Springvale bring us together and banish the ghosts of the past for good?

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– Maya Angelou


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