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October 15, 2018

Happy Monday, Meanderers! As you all probably know by now, the Florida Panhandle experienced a hurricane last week, and my home was right in its path! More about this later. Last Monday I was preparing for the storm, so my apologies for those who didn’t get my meanderings. This is my newsletter to keep me engaged with you on a regular basis. It provides a way for you to know what’s going on with me even though I’m not camping out on Social Media anymore. This week, as usual, I have book recommendations to share and I’m hoping you will in turn share my books with your friends and acquaintances who love romance!

Writing, Writing, Writing!

Hurricane Michael roared through the gulf coast and made landfall on the Florida Panhandle last week, wreaking havoc as these storms are wont to do. Thankfully, we survived with no loss to my family’s lives and minimal property damage. As a transplanted Floridian, I have been weathering these types of storms for approximately fifteen years. Of course, you never get used to them, you just learn better how to cope and prepare. This time, we had battery operated lanterns for the obligatory power outtage, but did not have a generator to keep my refrigerator and freezer going, so of course I lost a good bit of frozen food this time around. I keep saying every time, we should get a generator in the off-season, but then other things occur that need our financial attention more. Then another storm rages through and we wish we’d sacrificed and made that purchase.

There is never any way of predicting how much damage a storm will do and what the immediate aftermath will be like, and this time was no exception. The Florida panhandle is lush with greenery, and in my area there are tons of trees. They are beautiful, but during a storm can become quite deadly. In my neighborhood alone, which has a plethora of mature trees, we had dozens of trees down. But my family was blessed. Our home is surrounded by trees and not a single one fell. The limbs of a massive oak tree, which practically covers my house, bumped the roof top through the heaviest part of the storm, but it did not fall. I thank God for that. A section of our backyard fencing was blown down, and we had small limbs and plenty of debris to litter the yard, but that was the extent of our exterior damage.

As we ventured out a couple of days after the storm, we still saw many of these fallen trees propped up by downed power lines, laying in neighbors’ yards’ (or on their houses), and pushed off of the thoroughfares to allow us to get through to reopening grocery stores and local businesses. McDonald’s with its free WIFI became my go-to place to re-charge my cell phone and kindle (had to have my books to read, because there was nothing else to do except read while the lights were out). Thankfully, the temperatures were milder than usual this time of year, so it wasn’t unbearably hot.

Fortunately, we also had running water, but showers were cold without the electric water heater to make it nice and steamy. We grilled out at night when it was cooler, so we could have hot meals. The local Pulix gave us free ice to keep our perishable foods and water bottles cooled. I am so thankful to them for that, and for being so well-stocked with bottled water this time around that people didn’t have to behave like “Black Friday shoppers” for this necessity.

It is amazing how many little things in our lives we take for granted, until we have to do without them. As a rule, I try to be thankful every day for both the big and small things with which I’m blessed. We came out of this much better than those who were along the gulf coastline and areas that were hit by the most concentrated part of the storm. Many lives and property was lost during this powerful storm’s devastation. There are many families who are still suffering after Hurricane Michael. I pray that you all will think of them, and give to the organizations who are helping them to rebuild their lives. Thank you in advance for your assistance to the victims of Hurricane Michael.

I got minimal writing done during the storm since I didn’t have access to my computer, but I’m getting back on the grind this week now that my power is restored. Speaking of writing, if you want to read any of my books while you’re waiting on my new stuff to publish, you can find all my books here, where most of them are $0.99: LV Lewis books!


Before Twelve by Robin Edwards



I’ve always been everyone’s first choice,
the only choice, and their entire world.
I’m also used to succeeding, being recognized
and I was always the center of attention.

Guilty. Dissatisfied. Lost

All it took was one moment of awkwardness,
a woman thankfully unexpected,
for Jamie to pique my interest.

Question is: Did it even really matter?

Crystal Caster’s Awakening by Jenn Nixon


The 100 meets Lost Girl

When Cyndra Raine inherits her grandmother’s crystal, she inadvertently awakens a lethal elemental force she doesn’t understand. Panicked and desperate, she flees the safety of her village, determined to find answers only to run into a man named Rune with the same abilities and questions.

Zorin has spent twenty-five years soaring over his island waiting for something, anything, to change. After sensing caster power he can’t ignore, he leaves the island and finds two casters under attack on the mainland. He’s shocked to learn Cyndra and Rune are ignorant of their lineage and the war that destroyed the world.

Intrigued by Cyndra and the immense power she possesses, Zorin promises her the truth about the past in exchange for her help. Inexplicably drawn to the winged man, Cyndra agrees to his terms and together they begin a journey that tests everything she knows about her world and discovers a connection to Zorin more profound than any she’s ever imagined.



Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever

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Exit Strategy

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Redeeming The Amazon

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“Disasters teach us humility.” – Anselm of Canterbury


Author of Intelligent, Mainstream, Multi-cultural, Hot Romance!

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