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Happy Monday fellow Meanderers! I’ve created this regular newsletter since beginning my newest day job to keep me engaged with you on a regular basis. This will provide a way for you to know what’s going on with me even though I’m not camping out on Social Media anymore. I read a fabulous women’s fiction novel this week, which I can’t wait to share with you. Hope your week turns out great!

Writing, Writing, Writing!

Romance is the primary genre which I read and write. I never tire of authors putting their unique spins on a hero and heroine’s love stories. I have loved to read since the days of learning how in pre-school and elementary school, where I read everything from Dr. Zeuss’s classics to The Box Car Children, and Little House on The Prairie. My entry into the world of romance began when I was just a pre-teen when I began to read my older sister’s books. She read steamy paperback novels (Harlequin) and true story magazines, which I daresay gave me my entree into learning about the “birds and the bees.” Thankfully, this same sister gave me “the talk,” so I wouldn’t be stupid when it came to interacting with the opposite sex. As a teenager, I began to make my own book choices and I was able to read an eclectic mix of literature which is what has shaped me to be the author I am today.

As most of you well know, I began my career by writing an erotic romance series. I followed that up with erotic women’s fiction, then dabbled in paranormal and science fiction. However, regardless of what I write, there will most likely always be a romance that figures somewhere prominently in the story. I have always been a romantic at heart despite real life not always mirroring the fiction I read. I always hold out hope that eventually my significant other will get how to be as romantic as my book heroes.

In this Monday’s Meanderings, I’m sharing something from all the genres in which I write all at once: women’s fiction, contemporary romance, and paranormal. Hope something from these offerings tickle your fancy.

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 Not Her Daughter by Rea Frey

My Review

It has been a while since I’ve read such a gut-wrenching novel which blurs the lines between right and wrong so skillfully. The story Frey weaves moves from present day to the past to current with a whip-smart plotting style that keeps the reader guessing what’s going to happen next. Sarah Walker is for all intents and purposes, a success. Her business, which produces educational games for schools all over the world, is growing in leaps and bounds. However, she has just gone through a breakup with her boyfriend Ethan, which has left her heart in tatters. As the author gives us glimpses into what transpired between the couple, Sarah is also remembering snatches of her own childhood, which has largely informed who she has become as an adult.

As Sarah navigates being newly single, and the only child of a father who is just as heartbroken as she is from the wife who left him years ago, her situation becomes even more dicey when she encounters Emma Townsend, a little girl who reminds her so much of herself, Sarah feels compelled to rescue this child from the untenable family dynamic she is drowning in. From that point, the story gets even more complicated. And with that, I’ll leave you to discover the rest for yourself, because I promise you, this story will evoke emotions in you that you won’t be able to parse without going all in with Sarah, Emma, and an ensemble of characters that are at once well-developed and grounded enough to make you feel as if you’re living this story right along with them.

Not Her Daughter is precisely the kind of women’s fiction that makes me experience “all the feels,” like I’m immersed in a real-life situation which I’m unable to extricate myself from without the author’s expert plot twists giving me a believable way out.

Love Desired: Rock and Roll Heiress, Book 1  by Kelli McCracken


Business and pleasure were the main ingredients of a disastrous relationship. Mia Brooks learned that lesson years ago. Now she’s going against her better judgment to manage a struggling band, even though doing so could unravel the thin thread holding together her heart. Ayden McAllister refuses to be any woman’s fool. The scars from his last relationship were still raw, but the pain led to some of his bands’ best songs. With one last chance to find success, he must put aside his personal grievance with women to work with his bands’ new manager, something that would be much easier to do if she wasn’t affecting his heart the way she was his body.

The Unrivaled’s Witch by Laura Marie


Life was as ordinary as it got for a 28-year-old single witch. Arthur one of the most powerful wizards in history has his eyes set on her.

Arthur Hamilton, the last wizard in history to become an Unrivaled vowed to serve the Order of the Unrivaled. Reborn centuries after a grave betrayal, Arthur has tracked down the soulmate he once lost. He must make a choice, between the oath he swore to uphold for all time, and the greatest love he’s ever known. But with a dark wizard hunting him once again, Arthur must decide fast.

Rebecca Chavez, a reborn witch, has never known love in this life. It has been years since her circle of friends has encountered anyone with Magic in their blood. Rebecca’s emotional shield has protected her from being hurt, that is until Arthur came looking to reignite their fire.

He’s mysterious, powerful and ready to stand between darkness and his witch!


“I write to get the happy ending I sometimes feel is eluding me.” – Debora Dennis


Author of Intelligent, Mainstream, Multi-cultural, Hot Romance!

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