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Happy Monday, Readers! I hope you’re enjoying my Monday Meanderings. I’ve created this regular newsletter since beginning my newest day job to keep me engaged with you on a regular basis. This will provide a way for you to know what’s going on with me even though I’m not camping out on Social Media anymore. This week, I have little to offer in the way of meandering, except books about marriage. Check it!

Writing, Writing, Writing!

Writing took a back seat last week. My work life has gotten busy, so I had to take a break from my creative life. Also, my MacBook’s hard drive somehow got corrupted while I was trying to upload new software and an new Operating System. Two Hundred Forty Six dollars ($246) later, I have a new hard drive and all my data saved. I suppose that was enough drama without creating it in my novels. I’ll be getting back on the grind this week.

I’ve decided that my backlist needs new covers, so that will be coming up sometime in the not too distant future. So, if any of you know good cover creators who won’t charge me like I’m a New York Times Bestseller, I’d really appreciate a recommendation. My novella, especially will need a cover. Now if I could just think what the title will be and get a good summary going…

Speaking of writing, if you want to read one of my books while you’re waiting on my new stuff to publish, you can find all my books here: LV Lewis books!

An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

The books I’m featuring this week are about marriage–that institution our characters this week will both revere and abhor, depending on when you’re asking about it, and a what point in each book.

An American Marriage by Tayari Jones is an Oprah’s Book Club selection now, but I read it way before that happened. Score one for me! Ms. Jones is not a new author to me by any means. I read her book which was based on the Atlanta child murders, and I may be dating myself by saying that, but, yes, I’ve been a fan of hers for that long. This story is much different from her previous works. In this story, she studies a marriage which began with so much hope, but deconstructs due to a turn of events that the couple didn’t see coming. An American Marriage delves into what happens to a couple when one is falsely accused of a crime for which he is convicted and, despite his innocence, goes to prison. It also shows in vivid detail how two people who confess to love one another can grow apart, not just through distance and time, but in ways that outstrip them both. Celestial and Roy are a southern, upwardly mobile, African American couple who embark upon their marriage believing the “world is their oyster,” until a deranged accuser strips them of everything. Celestial finds solace with her childhood friend, Andre who introduced her to Roy in college, and what transpires after Roy’s sentencing is like watching that train wreck that you wish you could turn away from, but in a delicious way that doesn’t make you want to blow up something. It has the best ending one can expect in such circumstances.

Oddly, I thought of An American Marriage when I read All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover, which happens to be my next recommendation for this week.


All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover

Graham and Quinn (such beautiful character names in An American Marriage and All Your Perfects) meet during an excruciating time in both their lives. Yet, they are fated to fall in love and live the perfect life that their previous significant others tried to obliterate. Hoover tells the story in a then and now, back and forth way that I absolutely loved, and the alternating made it such a duel of opposites, I couldn’t wait to see what happened then, but was equally enthralled with what was going on now. This story is as gut-wrenching in its own way as The American Marriage, and like that book, ends in the best way one can expect given the tragic circumstances. Graham is the quintessential good guy, handsome, romantic, and deserving of good things to happen for him. Quinn is also a good person, through and through, but quickly loses sight of the goodness she has, despite pining over what she doesn’t have. These couples are all ones you want to root for, because while they are all flawed, they are all equally worthy of a happily ever after, which in the case of these two books, the HEA may not take the form that we romance novel lovers are used to.

These are each very powerful books! You will be rooting for these characters, loving them, hating, them and put through a gamut of emotions until the very satisfying conclusions.


“Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


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