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Hello All! It’s time again for my Monday Meanderings. I’ve created this regular newsletter since beginning my newest day job to keep me engaged with you on a regular basis. This will provide a way for you to know what’s going on with me even though I’m not camping out on Social Media anymore.


Writing, Writing, Writing!

My novella has approximately another couple of weeks of lying around until I feel like my eyes will be able to spot some of its glaring issues. According to Voltaire, writing may be the painting of the voice, but sometimes the painting can be blurred by unintentional strokes that need a bit more refining until what you see is the artwork that was intended by the painter. A few of you have responded to my request for beta readers, but I could still use a few more so I can get a good number of first reactions to my story. This is integral to a writer’s publication process, because prolific readers know exactly what works and what doesn’t and can point these things out to us before we release our little darlings into the world. So, if you’re interested in beta reading and offering me helpful constructive criticism, email me at  I’m hoping to compile a list of beta readers that I can use on a regular basis to help me make my writing as sharp as it needs to be to compete with other heavy hitters in the industry right now. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship and a long-lasting partnership with you in my writing career. As I’ve shared the past several weeks, I’ve been working on a novella for a contest. It involves a feisty, badass heroine who doesn’t take crap from her sexy-as-sin boss, despite their insane chemistry. They work in the culturally relevant cryptocurrency industry and bond on a work-related road trip. Although this is for a contest and I can’t share right away, if it doesn’t win, I will most definitely be sharing it with you via publication on Amazon for sure, and possibly some other venues. Stay tuned! However, if you want to read one of my books while you’re waiting on my new stuff, you can find all my books here: LV Lewis books!


Fourth of July Road Trip Read!

The hubby and I took a road trip for the holiday. It wasn’t very long (approximately six hours), so I figured we could do this. Right? Wrong! My idea and his idea of a successful road trip are vastly different. Literary girl here wants only to immerse herself into a good book, while he becomes a “Chatty Kathy.” I cannot tell you how many times I wanted to reach over and throttle my husband when he distracted me from a pivotal scene in my book. I was reading Jackal, which some of you may know is the second installment in Tarryn Fisher and Willow Aster’s “The End of Men,” series. OMG! If you are a fan of The Handmaid’s Tale, you might just like this story about a society where fertile men are almost extinct, and a dozen or so men tasked with impregnating the regions’ women are treated like rock stars (or prisoners in guilded cages, if you will). The first installment is Folsom’s story and the beginning of the revolution begun by heroine Gwen Allison, who finds that her job for Genome Y may have been the fulfillment of her life for a time, but loving an End Man has turned that on its head, and sparked a revolution that rocks all the regions. Jackal is a continuation of that story, and the next installment will be Kaspar’s story. However, I digress. My husband may have distracted me from my book more than I would have liked during our road trip, but nothing kept me from finishing Jackal’s story. His love interest, Prima Ballerina, Phoenix Moyo, literally brought one of the wildest End Men to his knees and their involvement in the ever-growing revolution made this a story that was well worth the time spent reading it while on the road. Fisher and Aster have created quite a world here, and I don’t think it’s one that will disappoint.

The Best BDSM Series I’ve Read Lately!

Sierra Simone’s New Camelot Series not only surprised the hell out of me, it brought my love for three very divergent things together in a BDSM series. It combined my fascination for the iconic Kennedy family and all things political with my love for Arthurian legend and Greek mythology into a very sexy, cerebral read. Sierra Simone is definitely going to be one I will continue to watch now that I’ve been introduced into her eclectic writing style. In American Queen, Simone relates the story of Greer Galloway, a Guinevere cum Jackie-esque character who is wooed by the President of the United States through his best friend and Vice President, Embry Moore. Thus begins this cautionary, yet brilliantly crafted tale of the New Camelot Series. The effortless way in which Simone weaves Camelot, Arthurian legend, Greek mythology and even the Little Prince into these stories just makes my heart palpitate. Nothing in this BDSM series seemed superfluous or gratuitous, but it all felt totally necessary to the stories given all the classics from which the plots were derived. American Prince is Book 2 of the series, and American King is the final book of the series. I was so thoroughly drawn into their world and tethered there by the beautiful turns of phrase and the author’s commanding grasp of story structure to the final stunning end of the series. You will be thoroughly enthralled, extremely entertained, and supremely turned on by these breathtaking books!


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