Presenting LV Lewis’s New Series: SUPERWOMAN


“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”― Toni Morrison  Toni Morrison

When I began to contemplate writing the Superwoman Novel Series, the above quote from Toni Morrison was very much on my mind. Yet, with all the inspiration that her words gave me, I still struggled with taking the leap to write these books. Why? Because there are projects still lingering in my writing quiver that I still owe to my loyal readers.

Those projects are still coming. I promise. There’s just been too much that happened in 2016 that didn’t allow them to flow forth. And one thing I’ve learned in my continued quest to earn the label of professional author is that I must write what flows. If I don’t, I literally cannot be held responsible for the craptasticness (I know this isn’t really a word) that might otherwise flow from my pen.

That said, allow me to introduce you to my Superwoman Novels. Why this title? Oh, I wasn’t listening to the songs of this title made famous by Karyn White and Alicia Keys and covered by innumerable other superwomen on YouTube. Although, they’re not bad anthems to associate with the series. I was thinking about women who juggle careers, families, life, love, and adversity, multi-tasking through all the vagaries of life and still managing to triumph in the areas that matter most to them.

In my Superwoman Novels, I’d like to introduce you to women who do many things right, yet still fail in ways that don’t brand them as failures on the whole, but uplifts them as gloriously flawed human beings. To begin, there will be three standalone novels celebrating three accomplished women. While they are not defined only by what they do for a living, I chose to title the stories to illuminate their vocations: Supersurgeon, Supermodel, and Superstar (The Superwoman Novels).

Once they are all complete, I will announce a release date for the first novel.

More to Come From LV in 2017…

My European Tour world has a new release scheduled around the late March, early April 2017 timeframe entitled World Tour (Rocking The PopStar Book 2). Brody and Skylar’s story continues and will be wrapped up in this release. The final book of the Rocking The PopStar Series will feature Skylar’s bestie, Alyssa, but that one won’t happen until 2018.

Also, my shared world SciFi Romantic Suspense story is coming in June. If you’ve read any of the stories of The Complex by other authors, then you know just what kind of futuristic fun times are coming with this one.

It has been difficult for me to continue the Jungle Fever Series as you are all very painfully aware. Yet, there is something in me that won’t allow it to die a merciful death. I’m looking forward to continuing my collaboration on this one until a viable completion of the series is penned. Expect an announcement about Double Switch later in the year.

#LV out.


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