3 Awesome Reasons You Should Read The R Collection!

I have a book on sale. In fact all of my books with the exception of one box set is on sale from this weekend until well after Valentine’s Day (2/21/17).

For the purpose of this Newsletter, I’m pushing The R Collection, my two Den of Sin stories set in the posh Beaudelaire Hotel of New Orleans, Louisiana. This is a place for consenting adults to let their inhibitions go and have a little fun. Most often, they also find love.

So, I decided, since my book is a mere ninety-nine pennies, I still need to let you know why you should buy my book considering all the romance novels and novellas that are sure to be on sale for Valentine’s Day. So, I came up with 3 Awesome Reasons You Should (Buy and) Read The R Collection:

1. Valentine’s Day is February 14th. What better time to read two unique romances in one short sitting than Valentine’s Day? During this man-made holiday, it’s totally okay to think about your own romance, and to do something that will enhance it–ie., reading so you can live vicariously through someone else’s romance, which will likely inspire you to put a little romance in your own life. *hey, hey!*

2. Woman Power is in right now. Women have been marching recently to preserve their rights to retain control of their own bodies, for equal pay for equal work, to be treated fairly by our own government. The R Collection’s stories are about two very strong women who don’t feel they need to compromise who they are to have love. One is a breast cancer survivor and the other is a business owner who was jilted by a lover who wanted her to procreate on his timetable. They are both women we can admire.

3. The R Collection is only $0.99 (until February 21st), the price of a soda pop on a discount fast food menu. You can’t go wrong spending ninety-nine pennies on two novellas, right? So, why aren’t you one-clicking the Amazon Icon below right now?

See you on the other side!



The R Collection: Two Racy Romance Novellas from One Bestselling Author – Kindle edition by L.V. Lewis, Cover by T.m. Franklin. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.


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