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frontcover-final-copyThe internet is truly a wonderful place to connect with people hundreds of miles away from you who share similar passions. Since my debut as an indie author more than a year ago now, I’ve met scores of other authors, many of whom I have grown to love and admire. I connected with S.C. Rhyne via my blog and was immediately intrigued by the book she was penning, which she has released in paperback only on Amazon. Ereader users will need to go to Smashwords to snag a copy. However, I can’t say enough how unique her building of this story has been, and the graphics alone on her blog are enough to get you intrigued and keep you there until you can’t wait to fully engage with the book.

To do something a little different for my blog, I decided to interview one of S.C. Rhyne’s characters. So, without further ado, I give you my chat with Sabrien Collins from The Reporter and The Girl MINUS the Super Man

    • Please introduce yourself.  Sabrien Collins, thank you for having me on your blog!

Nice to have you here. So, I’ll just dive into the interview questions. Sabrien, what is your role in The Reporter and The Girl? I am the female lead in the book; I meet a reporter name Jon, who is relatively new to New York City and the scene of online dating or hookups. We meet and it blows my mind, I’m immediately attracted to him.

  1. Please give us a brief synopsis of The Reporter and The Girl? So after the first date, things take off very quickly between Jon and I. We’re talking and texting every day and night, and meeting each other after work and even during work if we can get away. We come to some issues though, when we realize that the other is not holding up their end of the “bargain as expected”.  There is a lot of unsaid things between us, and we’re both naïve and new to adult relationships. There are also a lot of outside people running interference too.
  2. Now that this novel has brought you to life, how do you like this life your author has given you? Well, it’s an interesting life to say the least! There always something going on whether it’s at work with Lee or at my home life with Karen and Greg. I think the author has definitely cut out a unique lifestyle and attitude for me.
  3. What type of first impression do you usually make on people? Probably as a very straight-laced person. Always having everything in order…maybe a little chilly on the surface. But a warm gooey center once you break the ice.
  4. Tell us a little about your childhood. So I’m a first generation born American, I excelled in academics. You get hints from the storyline about my parents being working professionals who came here to achieve the American dream with modest pockets.
  5. What were your career aspirations? Did the author give you the career you would’ve chosen? We talk a little about my work-life and hopefully readers will get a sense that I’m hardworking– evenings and weekends, as well as respected by coworkers and supervisors.
  6. Are you a Type A or Type B Personality? If neither, describe yourself to the readers, in a nutshell. I’m not sure as what either category means. But I’m straightforward, analytical, and always try to solve the problems with the best solutions, even if the solutions are not the happiest.
  7. Who are your closest friends in The Reporter and The Girl World? Karen is one of my closet friends. Readers will see that I confide in Greg, my family member, and James, a longtime friend also.
  8. Describe a day in your life. So my life was pretty monotonous with working all day and going to gym afterwards. So when readers get to the first chapter, they see that on weekends, I fish around online and hangout on weekends whether its friends and drinks, or guys and drinks.
  9. What do you accomplish in The Reporter and The Girl that you’re most proud of? I learn a lot about myself, who I am, and what I’m capable of. I think as young adults, we don’t really have that and it is easy for us to lose our way—to accept things that are less than what we deserve and not get to where we’re going in life.
  10. Do you wish you’d done anything different? Yep! Who doesn’t? I wish there were things I said to Jon that I could take back; especially now that hindsight is 20/20 and I understand the “other side” of things.
  11. What do you like to do in your spare time? I do go to the gym a lot and I like to hang out with my friends.
  12. What are your most prized possessions and why? A picture I took with Jon at Washington Square Park
  13. What turns you on? Massages….huge turn on! It’s relaxing and gives a man the perfect opportunity to caress and worship me!
  14. If you had to create a soundtrack for the novel, what songs would you include? Well I have a few youtube videos of the chapters, I’ve used “Do it 2 me” by Allstar Weekend, “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, “Bad Touch” by Bloodhound Gang, “Empire State of Mind” by Jay Z and Alicia Keys, “Smoke Two Joints” by Sublime, “Just a Dream” by Nelly, and “Catch my Disease” by Ben Lee.
  15. Did you and your author have a great working relationship? Why or Why not? I think S.C. Rhyne did a good job at portraying my personality and my life in this story. She always took the time to ask if something wasn’t clear and has even been protective to how Jon and I have been portrayed over the internet.
  16. Did the author portray you accurately? She did a good job of getting “me” on paper. I don’t know of anyone else who could have done a better job.
  17. Were there any scenes the author cut, but you wish he or she had left in? Why? There was a lot going on between Jon and I behind the scenes and under the covers? 😉 but I think the book overall fell together nicely. With the right amount of spice, kink, puppy-love, laughter, WTF moments, and tears.


Jon & Sabrien

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Chapter 8: Mr. Sensitive from The Reporter and The Girl MINUS The Super Man! By S.C. Rhyne


I teased him, “You’ll never get those handcuffs on me. I’m stronger than you, and I work out all the time.”

“No, you’re not,” he replied coolly. And this is how the bet was set. The first one to be tied up had to serve as the other’s slave for the week. Time for the other third, where’s my leash?

I grabbed my cocoa butter and straddled his back as he lay faced down on the recliner. I had the cuffs hidden and as soon as I reached his small buttocks, I heard him moan in delight as I squeezed and applied a circular motion with my thumbs. I reached for the cuffs and quickly got one of his wrists.

But that was all I would get.

Before I knew it, Jon was laughing that same hypnotizing laugh he had on our first date. He pushed me off and had both hands behind my back. Soon I was on the floor and immobilized.

Damn. Wrong third.


Tonight, I came down the stairs to properly greet Master Jon on my knees, I kiss the top of his feet and say, “Good Evening, Sir.” He looks at me and immediately makes his way into the dining room on the just washed (while on my knees) hardwood floors without taking off his shoes.

At the table, it would be an overstatement to say that he feasted. Though a very slim build, he eats all the spinach, picking around the nuts and fruit, some of the vegetables but not the tofu, and barely breathes on the quinoa. Good home-cooked food that is consumed regularly with my family is now being sent back to the fridge. I don’t know if he is the typical spoiled White American or if he just didn’t enjoy the food I slaved over for him.

I look away not watching him “eat”. “Sabrien, play with my dick while I eat!” he orders.

Surprised, I feel disadvantaged as I am sitting on his right side. I have to use my left hand to reach in and search for his soft fleshy member. With all my “supplies” upstairs, I can only hope that the lotion I put on my hands earlier can still provide a good slip.

Not to mention I can’t get it all the way out of his pants, maybe it is the awkwardness of sitting next to him and trying to feel my way around under the tablecloth.

But, as they say in France, ONE THING LED TO ANOTHER, and I find myself pinned in a damn awkward position over the table with the reporter on top. He takes his sweet time to reach into his travel bag and pull out the plastic bag of condoms I gave him. He throws it on the table, making sure that I see it. A clear signal of what is to happen next.

Not what I had in mind! I never tell Jon this, but I had fantasized about our first time: pictured a weekend, when he would come and stay the night. While he showers, I would prepare the room by dimming the lights and lighting my favorite scented candles, spraying the sheets in the perfume that he likes, and me patiently waiting… naked in bed for him to come in and find a delightful surprise….

There is no music or candlelight like I envisioned, but the pace of sexual intercourse is timed by our natural rhythm. This rhythm is as off key as a wino singing along to the Sunday school choir while pissing out a kidney stone behind the cathedral structure. Jon’s body dominates me as the thrusting of his pelvis keeps the tempo.

You can hear it:

Rhythm – Rhythm…

Rhythm – Rhythm…

Rhythm – Rhythm…

Slipped – Out

I do not have enough sense to keep my eyes locked on him; instead they ro-o-o-ll downwards. At the time, I naively thought that such a small natural occurrence due to the amount of….

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