Blogger Appreciation Giveaway ~ #Dec #BookBloggers #ASMSG

1459145_613289118145_1235277226_nA group of author friends and I have come together to show some love to that most unlikely group of folks in the industry that likely doesn’t get much appreciation. You know the ones I mean: Book Bloggers. Those folks who tirelessly pimp authors until they’re blue in the face with very little or no remuneration for their services (unless you call sales affiliate programs remuneration. And usually that is just enough to pay their annual server fees for their blogs.).

The fifty of us are not mega-book selling authors or anything. We come from all spectrums of the indie and traditionally published worlds. However, one thing we had in common was the desire to give back to the folks who give so much to us collectively.

I personally haven’t solicited a lot of bloggers in my short publishing career, but I hope my support of you will demonstrate my belief in what you do, and my desire to participate in a more meaningful way as I release more books in the future.

There are awesome prizes available for some lucky bloggers out there, so start clicking. You can’t win if you don’t enter!




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