Holiday Mixer and Other Giveaways! ~ #NOV #BookSales #EroticRomance #ASMSG

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This is the time of year that people feel thankful, nostalgic, and happy that their favorite holidays are just around the corner. In honor of the upcoming occasions, I’ve joined yet another group of authors (50 to be exact) to sponsor a gigantic giveaway!

Of course, this is running concurrent with the massive sale I’ve already got going with 19 other authors (well, maybe some of us are duplicates):


Anywho, if you’re interested in getting free stuff, click on the giveaways, below. However, if you want to buy a lot of great books for $0.99, there’s this sale right here: Ninety Nine in November Sale!

Either way, you’re going to get some great books, swag, and stellar reading experiences on all counts. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!


Giveaway TimeMore Ways To Win

Keisha from the block


Author of Intelligent, Mainstream, Multi-cultural, Hot Romance!

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