Bloggers and Authors Please Sign Up for My Cover Reveal and Release Party ~ #ASMSG

50SoJF - CoverMy first book release happened with very little fanfare. In fact there was none. I decided one night after joking with a friend to write Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever. After binge-writing for two months, then binge-editing for a couple of weeks, I went onto CreateSpace and self-published my first book.

Were it not for the vehicle called word-of-mouth, and the unwavering support of those who read and loved my book, I would not be about to publish the follow-up, Exit Strategy. However, before this happens, I want to do this release the right way. So, in a few weeks, I will be hosting a cover reveal for Exit Strategy, which will feature the branded cover series created by my cover artist, Kristy Charbonneau.

Then approximately four weeks later I will host a Release Party to debut Exit Strategy. This all culminates around the anniversary of the first edition of Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever.

However, I need a favor from the many bloggers, authors and friends I’ve met since entering Book Cover onlythe writing world.  I would like to ask you to host my Cover Reveal and Release Party by signing up to donate, e-books, premium swag, and space on your blogs to announce both the new cover and new release. Please make your pledges to do so by completing this BLOGGER AND AUTHOR HOSTING FORM, and please know that I always reciprocate these favors. So, if you host my events, I’ll happily host yours.

Readers, if you want to hear the minute the cover is posted and the minute the book is available on all platforms, please complete my Readers Newsletter Mailing List Form.

I look forward to making the new book available to you all, and thanks so much for helping me make it possible. ~ LV


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