The Less Than Fifteen Minute Post – #31WriteNow

Audio Book CoverI was in bed when I remembered I had a challenge post to fulfill for today. I am chilled by the depth of insanity that consumes me to make doing a daily post on my blog this important. Seriously? Could this not have waited until tomorrow? I think not. There are other posts that will fill the rest of my week, but when I look back on this month of prolific writing I could not look back at August 6, 2013 and not have a post to show for it. Now that would have been a travesty of epic proportions.

Now that I have your attention, and my brain is still addled from being half asleep, what do I really have to share? I know exactly what it is. In my excitement of having an audiobook produced and recorded, I had not thought about the need to market and promote said audiobook. In conversations I’ve had with authors throughout the groups I belong, most of them are just as clueless as I am about how to market them.

The logical advice would be to do exactly what I’ve done to market and promote my e-books and paperbacks, but it doesn’t seem like one solution will fit all in my humble opinion. So my next challenge as it were, has become researching until I find out exactly how to market and promote my audiobook, and you can bet I will share what I find with my colleagues, and maybe with the whole of the writerly world.


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