The Block ~ L.V. Lewis’s Readers Well Kept Secret

There’s a little known place where L. V. Lewis’s readers congregate. It’s a magical place where we talk about the fictional worlds of Keisha and Tristan and Jada and Nate and Mama Beale and Jorge and Fairy Hoochie Mama and Triple-G and all the characters found in this wonderful tetralogy (See, snooty wordsmiths, I do know the real word. Quadrilogy just sounds better for a parody. JS!) of books bringing  women of color who dig men of other colors into this wonderful world of BDSM. (Is that a long-a$$ed sentence or what?)????????????????????????????????????????

Anywho, I just thought it was high time I wrote a blog post about “The Block,” which is the short name we’ve given to our Facebook hangout, which is formally named, “Keisha and Jada From The Block – Hangout with Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever Characters.” I have my friend and faithful reader Nasi Al-Mahi to thank for coining the shortened phrase. Then I drafted some rules that took on the cadence of The Rules of Fight Club, and the rest is History.

So, what do we do on The Block besides wait on L. V. Lewis’s second book, Exit Strategy, you ask? Want to know? Here it goes: We read excerpts of L. V. Lewis’s FSoJF and Exit Strategy, waaaaay before anyone else gets to read them. We have weekly events and games we participate in, like “Tie ‘Em Up Tuesday,” and “FSoJF Trivia.” We read and recommend other authors’ works. We have FanChats with L. V. Lewis and other authors. In fact, L. V. Lewis is known to stalk skulk around The Block and talk to readers on a regular basis. (She does this when she’s experiencing writer’s block or when she’s just goofing off, but don’t tell her I told you this.)

The Block is looking  for new blood, because we know  there are other like-minded women and men out there who want to share in the fun of this exclusive club. Be prepared to see things that will shock and amaze you. And  like the famous Fight Club (or is it Vegas?), the first rule is everything that’s said, done, and experienced stays on The Block! All you have to do to join is click the button at the end of this post, and one of our members will pull you in.

In a couple of weeks, L. V. Lewis will be recruiting members for her Exit Strategy Street Team, whom she will select from members of The Block, so  join now if you want to jump into the trenches and make Exit Strategy a bestseller on somebody’s list (Amazon, USA Today, NYT) or even in our own minds!

So come join us on The Block by clicking the image below or any of the 9,999 live links I have inserted into this blog post and be prepared to be entertained and to entertain. L. V. Lewis just posted an excerpt yesterday.



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