Winners of the Brenda Jackson Interview Giveaways!!


Over the past two weeks, I ran my interview with  bestselling romance author Brenda Jackson. Just in case you missed this two-part interview, I’m giving you another shot to read both parts here: Brenda Jackson Interview Part 1, Brenda Jackson Interview Part 2. However, I can’t turn back time and allow you to enter the giveaway. 🙁

So, without further ado, I’d like to announce our Brenda Jackson Interview Giveaway Winners. Drumroll, please!


Winner of Brenda Jackson Interview Giveaway Part I:


Winner of Brenda Jackson Interview Giveaway Part II:


I’d like to personally thank all the participants in the Giveaway on behalf of myself and the wonderful Ms. Brenda Jackson. If the winners would please message me on my Facebook page or by email at, we’ll work out how to get your fantastic prizes to you!



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