How to Know if a Publisher is Reputable – Part 1

Read this authors. It would behoove you to know what you’re getting into with a publisher.

The Write Savage

Is [insert name] publishing a good publisher?

I get this question all the time, usually from authors wanting to know if a publisher is reputable. Nowadays, the publishing environment is such that anybody can put up a website and call themselves a publishing house. As a result, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of small publishers out there who will publish your short story or novel. So how to you sift the wheat from the chaff?

road-sign-63983_640Ask yourself what you want from a publisher. Decide what your expectations are and then do some research to see if they are realistic. Ask what you will get out of the relationship. Are you paying money to get your novel published, even a little? Do they require you to do all the marketing? Is their marketing almost 100% internet based? What does their distribution look like? How transparent are their business practices?


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