A Brisk, Sexy Tale of Rekindling Love Lost!

Reinstated Bond

First, I just have to say that books of this size are my friend! Oftentimes, I don’t have time to read a full-on novel, because I’m busy. Enter a short novella like this and it allows me to get my read on without compromising on all the other things I’m juggling in my life. So, if you want a quick read, this is your story.

The book opens with the hunky ginger, Carter Aiken, trying to apprehend his high school sweetheart, Marilyn Skinner. As a Bounty Hunter, Carter is no stranger to bringing fleeing felons back to have their day in court. Marilyn believes the cards are stacked against her, because her most recent ex, who just happens to be the Mayor’s son, has accused her of arson. Rather than face a kangaroo court, Marilyn goes on the lam.

They share a painful history due to Carter’s inability to date her openly when they were in high school because of his parents’ conservative bent. Ten years later, he’s still drawn to this woman he had to give up once. Now he wants to rekindle the love they shared long ago, but first he has to haul her off to jail.

I love how Ms. Trent handled the backstory between these two, she was skillfully able to give us just enough so we knew where these two were coming from, but not too much to bog this brisk story down. Also enjoyed the chemistry they shared and how Marilyn used it to her advantage.

The brevity of the story might lead some to believe there wasn’t a complete story arc there, but there was, and I didn’t mind using my imagination to conjure up things that I needed to, because in the grand scheme of things Carter wanted Marilyn back, to reinstate the bond they had before. The bail-skipping gave him just the perfect way to make her his captive audience. 🙂

You will enjoy the steam between these two so much, it’ll be over before you know it, but you’ll enjoy every second getting there.


Author of Intelligent, Mainstream, Multi-cultural, Hot Romance!

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