New Blog Theme and Uses For Vinegar

Scarlett O'HaraI have proof that when under a deadline, the mind can play tricks on you and make you feel like you’re being productive when you’re really not.

Tonight after doing all the things I had to do today, I sat down to finish writing Book 2 of my Ghetto Girl Romance Quadrilogy, “Exit Strategy.” It was going swimmingly well, until I found this fantastic article on the internet about Forty-five Uses For Vinegar. Curious person that I am, you know I absolutely had to read this article, because there can never be too many eco-friendly ways to do things, right? So, I took several minutes to read this positively riveting article.


Then as I decided I definitely had to re-blog this information to my reader and writer friends, I took a look at my blog and decided it was about time for an upgrade to my theme. An hour later, I had a new theme which took some tweaking to get it just so, and an audit to make sure everything I had on the previous blog came through okay.

Now I have forty-five things I can do with vinegar and a smashing new blog to show for my efforts tonight!

In a little over a half hour, I want to go join my friends at Building Relationships Around Books (BRAB), which is one of my favorite places to hang out on Saturday nights. Of course, now I’m feeling guilty that I haven’t accomplished as much writing as I’d like tonight, so I’m going to probably just participate minimally in REAL TALK, so I can get some real writing done. Distractions, distractions!


Oh, the trials and tribulations of being a serious author who wants to seriously get her second book out as close to the deadline as possible so her fans won’t hate her!

When you begin to call me names for not meeting the end of the month deadline on this book, please remember that I actually have a really good reason for being behind. I did hurt myself end of January, and I’m still procrastinating recuperating.

Ooh, that Beyonce’ documentary is coming on tonight, too!

The Time Is NowFear not, oh gentle reader. Writing Truly is my priority.

Fingers Crossed Behind Back




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