My Review of Worth The Wait by Synithia Williams

untitledTasha Smith is the quintessential “good girl.” A Preacher’s Kid who has been taught abstinence all her life, and the golden rule of saving her virginity for the marriage bed since she was old enough to know what sex was all about. Her hope had been to find a man who wanted her for more than just a romp in the hay, to be married and start a family, but all of the above somehow manages to elude her. Angie, her sister and most of Tasha’s other friends have managed to find love and settle down, but Tasha is on the cusp of turning thirty and no Mr. Right is in sight. Well, she thought he might be when she goes on a date with Charles “Mr. Wrong” Worthington, who tells her that if she wasn’t giving it up, it wasn’t going to work out for him.

This date from hell is the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back. Tasha emerges from that experience determined to get the monkey of virginity off her back. She convinces herself that if she sleeps with a man and rids herself of her pesky cherry, she’ll be able to cross that hurdle and move on to find love and commitment. And Tasha knows just the guy to help her out of her little situation. Her friend, Jared “sex-on-legs” Peterson, is a man whose picture is next to the definition of “man whore” in the dictionary. He’s an Atomic Dog to the tenth power, and because he has such a wealth of experience, Tasha is certain his technique is just the ticket to provide her with a memorable (and exceedingly pleasurable) first time.

After some cajoling, she manages to enlist Jared to do the job, and they agree that no strings will be attached and this one-time occurrence will be the extent of their involvement. Now we all know what they say the road to hell is paved with, right? And good intentions abound, but once the forbidden fruit is tasted, all bets are off for both Tasha and Jared. A protracted period of indulging in a “friends with benefits” relationship stirs feelings in them both, and then things become complicated.

Never fear though, reader, because although we know kind of how this is going to go, Synithia Williams managed to throw a few curves in this cautionary tale. This story is about a good woman whose fatal flaw happens to be her naïveté, and a successful man who has trust issues that go back to his broken relationship with his own mother. Will their sexy, uber-hot journey of sexual discovery lead them to love, or will it ruin their deepening friendship forever? You must read to see how they get to the end of the journey, because I’m not spilling the beans.

You won’t be sorry you bought and read this wonderful book, because just when you think you’re going to be able to predict what’s about to happen next, the author throws a wrench in those thoughts and the story goes into a whole ‘nother trajectory.

I absolutely loved Tasha from the start, and despite his doggish ways, in the end I found myself caring for Jared just as much, even though I wanted to give him a swift kick in the rear on more than one occasion, he definitely grew on me, as I’m sure he will on you. The author’s writing is stellar and her style so straight-forward, I experienced almost none of the hiccups you get from a lot of the e-book offerings out there nowadays. Some of the dialogue may have been a tad clunky, but it was clean grammatically as far as I could tell, and superbly edited for punctuation and development.

I give Worth The Wait 4.5 Stars!


Author of Intelligent, Mainstream, Multi-cultural, Hot Romance!

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