Beautiful Bastard – A Beautiful Departure From Billionaire Alpha-Male Dominants


My Review of Beautiful Bastard

by Christina Lauren

The authors of Beautiful Bastard and the publishing company openly reveal that this story was once a fanfiction. The publishing industry has validated fanfiction, intentionally or unintentionally, as fair game to publish given their overwhelming reception for Fifty Shades of Grey. That being said, I’m not at all sure why reviewers are making such a big deal out of it. The fact that Fifty Shades was a fanfiction didn’t stop Ms. James from selling millions upon millions of books . . . but I digress. This review is about Beautiful Bastard.

Beautiful Bastard opens with one of the most improbable scenarios I’ve ever had to suspend belief and go with in a story, but it made for really high drama. It also kept me on my toes waiting through the rest of the book for the other shoe of discovery to drop. In reminding myself that this was fiction and erotica, I got over my earlier misgivings and dove into the rest of the book with alacrity.

There was a love/hate relationship between the male and female protagonist that was epic given that they worked closely together every day. Denial must be the new aphrodisiac because these two threw themselves into getting it on all over the place! And then I reminded myself again, that this was erotica. The sex was undeniably hot, but that didn’t turn me on as much as their verbal sparring did. Several times throughout, I found myself laughing out loud at their antics. Admittedly, there were a few places where the dialogue just didn’t seem natural, but when Bennett and Chloe were on, they were like a veritable comic duo.

Is this a literary masterpiece? No. Is it an entertaining contemporary erotic romance? Yes. If you read for entertainment and not a riveting plot, or literary turn of phrase, this is your book! This certainly is a welcome respite from the over-done plot of billionaire alpha-male dominants (and I say this with tongue thoroughly in cheek because I jumped on the bandwagon and wrote a parody of one).

I was given an advance copy of this book by NetGalley in return for an objective review.

I give Beautiful Bastard Four out of Five Stars.


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