An Excerpt From Book 2 – In Celebration of 100+ Reviews

Keisha & Tristan Getting BusyFirst, let me apologize, readers, for allowing this milestone to slip by without commemorating it on the day it actually happened. Yes, I now am officially over the 100 review mark on Amazon, but I’m still chipping away on GoodReads (I’m about 21 ratings short, and 61 reviews short).

I’d anticipated providing a bit of a sneak peek of the, as yet unnamed, second book in the quadrilogy to celebrate, but between traveling around the holidays and coming back to a very labor-intensive work schedule on my day job, I’ve had to let some things go. Because writing daily on the second book isn’t one of those things, sadly my promos and engagement with you on the social networks have truly suffered. It is my hope that this sneak peek of a scene in book two (between Tristan and Nate after Keisha leaves) will give you enough inspiration to send all your special thoughts and positive energy my way, so I can get this baby done!

Disclaimer: This has not been edited, so forgive any grammar, punctuation faux pas, and if this scene in its current form doesn’t survive the editor’s pen.

So without further ado, here’s the set-up: After Keisha packs her things and leaves, Tristan goes into his gym to work off some steam. He’s rather over-zealous and trashes a couple pieces of gym equipment in the process. He’s forgotten that Nathan comes by every Saturday he doesn’t have an away game for their fencing match. His brother finds him collapsed on the gym floor watching the sand cascade out of a heavy bag:

Chapter 2 – Book 2,  Excerpt

Nathan is half-way across the gym floor when he sees Tristan’s expression and visually recoils.

“I’ve only seen that look on your face twice,” Nate says. “When Mom died, and after Aimee’s accident. What’s up?” He’s in his fencing whites, clearly having expected they would have their standing Saturday morning match since he wasn’t on the road.

“Nothing to the tune of those tragedies,” Tristan says, swallowing a bolus of denial. He stands up, glowering at his brother.

Nathan finally sees his hands. “Whoa. What the fuck? Tristan, you’d better clean that shit before it gets infected.”

When Tristan doesn’t move, Nathan sets his gear on the floor against the wall and grabs some peroxide, Neosporin and gauze off a shelf in a cabinet below the wet bar. “Plant your ass on this bench over here.”

Tristan gives Nate a baleful glare, but does as he says. Nate sits beside him, takes Tristan’s hands and quickly cleans them with the peroxide, applies the antibiotic and begins to wrap his hands to absorb the blood seeping from his thoroughly bruised knuckles.

Nate breaks the silence sooner than Tristan anticipates. “So, you want to tell me what’s got you beating the hell out of your gym equipment?”

“I’ve got to find another goddamn submissive,” Tristan says. “And I don’t have time for this shit. I’m leaving for Hong Kong next week.”

“Then why’d you end it now?” Nate finishes off the first wrap, secures it and begins on the next one.

Tristan contemplates letting him believe he ended the arrangement, but Keisha’s roommate is Nate’s submissive so that won’t fly. “I didn’t end it she safeworded.”

“No way! Jada says her roommate was really into your buttoned-down ass. How’d you let this shit happen?”

“I didn’t let anything happen. She started having anxiety attacks in the role-play room. It frightened her. I tried to get her to stay so we could work it out, but there was nothing I could do to convince her.”

“There is something you could’ve done.”

“Enlighten me.”

“You could’ve given her some hope.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“You always follow the letter of the contract with your submissives, and you tell them up front it’ll never amount to anything more. Mine have stayed longer because they’ve believed, however, erroneously in most cases, that the relationship could eventually be more. Didn’t that shit that went down with Aimee teach you anything?”

Tristan jerks his hand away and clamps it around Nathan’s throat. His hand hurts like a bitch, and even more so when Nathan pries it away, grips the sore hand and squeezes it mercilessly for good measure. It’s like they’re ten-fucking-years-old again and squabbling like they did all the time.

Tristan and Nathan - 10 Years Old

“Fuck!” Tristan yells, and wrenches his hand away, scowling.

“Stop bitching and left me finish this.” Nathan reaches in and finishes the wrap. “There.”

Tristan eyes the gauze already soaked through on the hand Nate squeezed. “I knew I should’ve called Angel to do this. You don’t have a goddamn clue about ‘first do no harm.’”

Nate looks at the sad deflated speed ball, and the heavy bag still dripping sand. “This from a guy who just took out his frustration on his gym equipment? Dude, you better get Keisha back, because I don’t think your gym, or a new submissive can survive you going back to being the asshole you were after Aimee.”

Tristan stands and stalks away, throwing as much vitriol as he can into three parting words over his shoulder. “Fuck you, Nathan.”


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37 thoughts on “An Excerpt From Book 2 – In Celebration of 100+ Reviews

  1. Thanks for the excerpt! Can’t wait for book 2 – Keisha/Tristan’s story. Thank goodness for Nathan! Maybe Nathan can help Tristan think rationally about Keisha and her anxiety attacks. Since Nathan is Jada’s dom, maybe she will clue Nathan in to the cause of Keisha’s anxiety attacks. Also, I assume that readers will learn more about Aimee!!

    So looking forward to Keisha and Tristan reuniting and developing a relationship. Although Tristan hasn’t realized that he is in love with Keisha!!) Nathan/Jada will be the catalyst for Tristan and Keisha reuniting.

    1. You’re very welcome, Traci! Tristan is swimming against the current in the river of denial, but he’ll eventually get a clue! 🙂 And yes, the Aimee story will come out.

  2. Loving how it’s starting off really enjoyed the first book and I can’t wait until the second one comes out.

  3. Loved this 1st book in the series, I read it in one sitting. The humor had me laughing out loud. Can’t wait for the second book.

    1. Thanks, Mary. I keep hearing how people are devouring it without a break and that makes me happy! Book 2 is moving right along and I’m looking forward to making it available to readers as soon as possible! (but February 28 remains the target date.)


  4. So I loved the first book, so far I am loving the excerpt, and cannot wait for the release. The characters are so real. That you can’t help but see them as real people and want to see their lives play out. Thanks for sharing your talent with us and best of luck with all future endeavors.

    1. Thanks, Jaki. I aim to please, so I’m working hard on getting the second book finished and ready for public consumption.

      So glad my characters seem real to you, because they seem that way to me, too.


    1. Your excitement is contagious, Andrea. I didn’t think I could get any more excited, but I’ve been proven wrong. I’m looking forward to getting it into your hands! 🙂

  5. Ok, book 1 had me on edge. Now here you go with book 2 and your telling me I have to wait, til 2/28! I’m feening over here girl! I read the first book on while I was supposed to be working. Do you know how hard it is to read and deliver mail? People asking you ?’s while in the middle of a steamy scene. Smh…..I need book two like 2 weeks ago! Love your work 😉

    1. Sorry *ducks head*
      See, when I wrote the first book, I had no idea if it would fly, so I held off on writing the second one because I didn’t want to invest in something that might turn out to be a bust. So, it’s my fault entirely that you’re feening! LOL But really, 2/28 isn’t that far away. 😉

  6. Ok, book 1 had me on edge. Now here you go with book 2 and your telling me I have to wait, til 2/28! I’m feening over here girl! I read the first book while I was supposed to be working. Do you know how hard it is to read and deliver mail? People asking you ?’s while in the middle of a steamy scene. Smh…..I need book two like 2 weeks ago! Love your work 😉

  7. Thank you for the sneak peak. I can hardly wait! The first book was sooo good that I have been like an addict waiting for my fix (the next book). The characters and the story are so good that THIS is the 50 Shades that should be made into a movie. I would love for these characters to come to life on the big screen.

    1. You humble me with your praise. Thanks for reading, liking, and reviewing. I would certainly not turn away Allen Hughes, Shonda Rhimes, Spike Lee or any of the other heavy-hitting African American Directors who might be interested. LOL A girl can dream!

  8. I absolutely adored this snippet! It just whet my appetite for more! Feb 28 just can’t get here fast enough!

    1. Thanks, Anni. I wanted to give the readers a better view of who Tristan is in this book, and the positive response to this is definitely making me feel like doing chapters in his POV and Keisha’s will work. I’m slogging away on book 2, but had an accident this week at work that kind of set me back. I am typing responses to comments here with pain. Hope to get better soon so I can type without pain.

  9. I totally agree with Annie johnson…I absolutely adored. This snippet! An am to looking for to reading book. 2 of fifty shades of jungle fever. I will preorder my book on my birthday. This way I won’t forget purchase it.

    1. So glad you and Annie enjoyed the snippet. I wish Amazon would let me put it on pre-order, but I don’t think that let self-pubbed authors do that. So, keep looking out for it around the end of February first of March!

  10. Well Amazon needs to get it together!!! I have the date in my calendar…so excited!!! Love your book and the loved the snippet….You wrote some awesome twins!!!

  11. I hope you’re crancking out book 3 as well because I will devour book 2 when released on 2/28. Can’t wait and yes I felt this book more than 50 shades of grey! ♥♥

  12. L.V. I’m sitting here cracking up at Toni’s comment about reading and trying to deliver mail, I can relate. I was so caught up in book 1 that I was sneaking off to restroom at work every 5 min. At one point my co-worker asked If i had a virus and needed to go home! I was so tempted to tell her yes but I didn’t. The restroom breaks stopped, however i hide my Kindle under some paperwork and continued my good read! Worked out better in the long run. ; )
    I’m taking a vacation day for book 2 though!
    Love ya LV

    1. Aw, Sam. I don’t mean to cause work issues for you, but I am glad you enjoyed that much. The subject matter of book two won’t lend itself to as much humor as book one, but I think it will be dramatic and suspenseful enough to keep you turning the pages. Keisha is going to grow up in this book, and overcome her demons, so she’ll be saying goodbye to the fairies, who will have their own reasons for not being around so much in the beginning. LOL

      1. Wow!! Now I’m too anxious for book 2. Do you need assistance with typing, proofing…?? ; )

      2. Once I get it to editor to give it the first once-over, I’ll send to pre-readers. Do I have your email addy? I’ll keep you in mind if I need another pre-reader. 🙂

  13. there is to meanes for ghetto when your mom have what she what and her house is have everything he want and the other meaning is when the mom is stuggling to put food on the table for her kids.

  14. Thank you so very much! Can not wait for book! I pray that book 3 is just waiting to print as well! I just love them all

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