A Solid Female Protag and Alpha Male in Book 1, But Came Up Lacking in Book 2


As I read “Naked” I found myself being cautiously optimistic that it would be a believable story portraying a solid, yet damaged female protagonist being pursued by a billionaire alpha-male. I was not disappointed. In fact, I found it to be my favorite of all the books in this genre that have been published this year. There was a believable plot, the heroine didn’t annoy me to distraction, and the hero was the right mixture of protective and caring without coming across as a stalker. I loved the backdrop of London during the Olympics, and the vocations for these characters were interesting enough to drive a plot that wasn’t all sex all the time. The foreshadowing piqued my interest enough to make me very excited for the sequel. I give “Naked” easily Four of Five Stars.



16001443I bought, paid for, and read “Naked” in one sitting and LOVED it, and believed “All In” would pick up where it left off and be a stellar sophomore offering from Ms. Miller. Boy was I disappointed! Ethan’s POV did not ring true to me at all. Even the dialogue in this was choppy, unrealistic, and all over the place. Where was the developmental editor in this sequel? Even a cadre of good pre-readers might have helped her to avoid publishing this mediocre follow-up. As I read I kept hoping upon hope that he would improve, but no dice. I think Raine Miller did herself and Ethan Blackstone a disservice by attempting this from his POV. Here’s hoping the final installment will make up for this attempt that didn’t quite make the mark.

I was provided a copy of All In book by NetGalley via Atria Books in exchange for my objective review. I purchased my own copy of Naked.


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