Sensual Word Menu:
I absolutely love lists like this. They’re very helpful when a brainfart steals the word you’re searching for in your mind but can’t quite come up with.

Writers In The Storm Blog

By Sharla Rae

When I was supposed be writing my blog for today I was catching up on new favorite TV series, Game of Thrones. I thoroughly enjoyed the chopping off of heads, sex, creepy zombies of the North, sex, war, slaughtering of animal, and did I mention steamy sex?

There’s just one problem. Afterward, I ran to my computer to write a blog and came up empty. I stared at the blank screen waiting for inspiration. Visions of chopped heads, sex creepy zombies, and more sex danced through my head.

So while I NEVER share my word menus with anyone but my crit partners, I was inspired to do so now. Enjoy my Sensual Word Menu.

Verbs or words that may work as verbs in some form are starred *

What do you do to ramp up the sexy in your writing? Do you have songs you listen…

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