I’m On An Amazon Top 100 List!

For the past week, I’ve been watching my little book as it has climbed out of obscurity and onto it’s very first Amazon Top 100 List. After my first free day, it rode the obligatory bump out of the hundreds of thousands in the rankings to hover in the 3500-4500 range for Paid In Kindle Store. I had absolutely no frame of reference for what all this meant until the book popped up on the Top 100 African American Literature and Fiction Books list:

#51 in Books > Literature & Fiction > United States > African American

The above is where it was when I checked at this writing. However, it’s been in the low forties a couple of times, and the thing I found absolutely more fascinating and humbling than anything is the fact that through the week, it has landed on the same page as Toni Morrison! In fact, it was right next to her once, and I might have taken a screen shot of that, because that might not happen again in my lifetime. What an utterly incongruous position to be in.

Mind you, I have no idea what algorithm, rubric, or whatever Amazon uses to decide such things. I’ve just been blindly accepting of whatever ranking they’ve deigned to assign to me. One thing I know for sure is that someone out there is buying this little book, and I want to thank all the early acquirers, readers, and reviewers who are pushing it up the food chain. One can always hope to be on the Top 100 Paid in Store list, right?

In the interim, I guess I’ll just keep watching what happens and enjoying my place on this wonderful list while I’m there. It means so much to me, because it is validation somehow that my own accept me. And that feels good!


Author of Intelligent, Mainstream, Multi-cultural, Hot Romance!

6 thoughts on “I’m On An Amazon Top 100 List!

  1. This book is wonderful!! I couldn’t put my kindle down, you can add another fan to your growing list!! Please tell me when book 2 will be released?? I can’t wait!!

    1. Samantha!

      Thanks so much. This made my Thanksgiving Day!

      Book 2 will be released in February 2013, or sooner if things quiet down on my day job. There are two of us doing the work for six, and I write between work and homelife.


  2. Love your characters and the fact that Keisha and Tristan, were buckwild for each other, but still respect each others space and priorities. The story was a fun and a quick read. I was ready to yell “Junlge Fever” when it ended! Please tell me there will be a sequel and that there is more of their story to share. If this is your first book, then book two is definitely going to be off the chain! Thanks so much

    1. Traci:

      I’m always so honored to hear from readers who enjoyed what I’ve written. I’m busy writing the second one and my goal is to publish it before the end of February 2013.

      Please, if you haven’t already, would you go to amazon and/or goodreads and leave a review, and click the like button? Reviews and likes are what will help me as a new author get additional marketing support in the future.

      Looking forward to providing the new book, and hearing from you again. I hope to host some chats with readers in the future to discuss the book, if you’d like notifications as things are going on, please follow me on twitter, facebook or my website!


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