The Writing World Is A Peculiar Place

I have no idea what I expected when I penned my little parody. Naively, I suppose I believed I would write it, publish it on CreateSpace and Amazon, and just let it sink or swim. This hasn’t happened. As readers began to review it on Amazon, I began to get more excited about it myself, and now I have a rather unhealthy obsession with checking the various sites to see what’s happening with it.

Mind you, I haven’t become one of those individuals who believes one’s own press. Far from that. I’ve just grown to care more because my early reviewers, most of whom I don’t know, have placed their trust in my ability to deliver the rest of this story in a manner they’ll enjoy as much as they have the first installment. Which is why,even if I only please the first ten fans I’ve ever had, I will consider it a success.



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