How Dare I Write This!

A day ago, I decided to arrest my fears and do what I’ve been threatening to do since I conceived  this idea about four months ago. I actually posted the cover, sent the ARC off to pre-readers, and decided to start some buzz for it by hosting a “Giveaway” on GoodReads.

There is something immensely scary about putting yourself out there for people to love or hate you, fan or pan you, review or screw you. The first eight “reviews” I received were people skewering me for jumping on the Fifty Shades bandwagon, for writing a racist, sexist and just wrong story, for being politically incorrect, for daring to exercise my constitutional right. You name it, it was said, and will probably continue to be said. It’s quite possible I’ll be wholly vilified before all is said and done.

I knew going in I would get all types, simply because I chose to parody the Fifty Shades Trilogy. If ever there were polar opposite camps, and not very much in-between for a series of books, Fifty Shades is that series. People either loved it, or hated it. Ms. James, meanwhile, is not crying in her beer over it. She got her payday regardless of people’s feelings for the books. A six-figure book deal, and six-figure movie deal may not make her a literary genius, but there’s some validation in being paid well for something you created.

As a new writer, I’m not expecting lightning to strike twice, or even thrice if you consider the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day, and On Dublin Street by Samantha Young. Erotic romances are doing well, and I just wanted to strike while the iron is hot, and add a little diversity to the mix of this new breed of contemporary erotic romance.

It may not be your genre. You may be downright offended by the subject matter. But I love living in America because regardless of your race, sex, or national origin, here in this country, you can write whatever the hell you want. As an African American, I don’t take myself too seriously that I can’t poke fun at stereotypes that used to offend me. Despite the title, I think many will be surprised if they actually read it to see what it’s really about, and come away having been entertained. If that happens for only a few people, I will be proud to have put myself out there.

My challenge to all the nay-sayers is: HOW DARE YOU READ THIS!


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2 thoughts on “How Dare I Write This!

  1. Sonja,

    Thanks so much. I’m glad you liked it. I am writing as fast as I can between working my day job and taking care of my family. If I happen to finish before February, rest assured, I will announce it and change the debut date. In the meantime, please write a short review for Amazon, GoodReads or both, so others can see that you like it. I would very much appreciate it.


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